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Airboy #2 Review

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After a night of debauchery that Hunter S. Thompson would approve of, “James Robinson” and “Greg Hinkle” are hung to the over. And then they see (hallucinate?) the Golden Age comic book character they’re supposed to be creating a new comic about, Airboy, standing in front of them. What are a pair of creators to do except keep the party going, this time with their character!

Robinson and Hinkle’s Airboy continues to be a barnstorming success with this superb second issue. The pair bring Airboy up to speed on what’s happened – the Allies won the war, and, to him, he’s in the future – while also delicately introducing the idea that he’s a fictional character in our real world.

Creators meeting creations isn’t the most original concept in the world but Robinson’s treatment of it is enormous fun. Airboy’s not impressed with the modern world and is more than a bit disappointed that everything he’s seen – which looks dirtier and less pretty than his time – is what he was supposedly fighting for. That dynamic is great in itself but gives us the tantalising finale too.

Like in the first issue, Robinson the character is a disaster – a washed up writer who relies too heavily on drink and drugs to get him through the day – and he doesn’t ease up on himself here either. Airboy even wonders aloud if Robinson’s a supervillain!

He carries on the dialogue he started in the last issue about his problems with DC, citing rewrites, changes in direction on editorial whims, and lots of interfering. It could all be made-up, even though Robinson did leave DC and these are all problems other creators who left DC have mentioned as well.

Because the fictional James Robinson is a dirtbag, he buys the unassuming Airboy a pot brownie in San Francisco’s Dolores Park, and he and Hinkle take him to a gay bar where he’s introduced to the concept of transvestites – poor innocent Airboy! It’s such a funny comic that made me laugh so many times.

Hinkle gives the comic a mono-colour tinge for most of the issue (switching palettes between green, red, purple) with the inspired choice of having Airboy appear in full colour. The character expressions are really good too, especially as most of the comic is the three guys sitting around chatting, but they also help sell Robinson’s joke setups (that look in the stalls!).

Airboy is one of the most fresh and exciting titles Image have put out this year. Robinson and Hinkle are producing excellent comics with this character and this series is recommended to all comics lovers everywhere as a must-read. Airboy #2 is another triumph for this team!


Publisher: Image

Writer: James Robinson

Artist: Greg Hinkle

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