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‘Banned’ Judge Dredd To Be Re-published

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Do you remember that time Judge Dredd got banned? No? Of course not, it was way back in the 70’s. But there was a censorship of one of Dredd’s most famous stories and the first Judge Dredd epic, a censorship that has been in place since it’s inital printing. I am of course talking about The Cursed Earth which was first published in 1978.

The story created a lot of the back drop for Mega City One and fleshed out the world that the Judges lived in but not everyone was on board when two of the episodes – ‘Burger Wars’ and ‘Soul food’ – upset some of the biggest corporations in America. Harsh parodies of Burger King, Ronald McDonald, the Jolly Green Giant and the Michelin Man, which satirised American consumer culture, prompted possible legal action so the publishers at the time, IPC, decided that they would not reprint those episodes again.

Until now that is. Well, July next year at any rate. Due to a change in UK law, these episodes can finally be reprinted without threat of being sued and it means that stories unseen for 37 years can be read by old and new readers alike. The work by the great artists Brian Bolland and Mike McMahon can once again amuse and entertain you. The collected deluxe edition will be published both in the UK and North America next July with all of the original episodes and restored colour throughout. According to 200AD’s press release it’s “The most-requested reprint in 2000 AD history” so this is going to be a much sought after collection.

The two previously banned stories are*:

‘Burger Wars’, after World War III self-styled ‘burger barons’ had taken control of whole areas of middle America and were worshipped with religious zeal. Dredd and his comrades are captured and forced to consume burgers and shakes, only escaping thanks to the guards being fat and lazy due to too much fast food. They are then captured by the rival side and placed on trial for eating “the wrong kind” of burger.

Judge Dredd Burger Wars

‘Soul Food’, on their way through the Great Utah Dustbowl Dredd encounters the copyright infringing creations of Dr. Moreau-like scientist Dr Gribbons – including a Jolly Green Giant, a Michelin Man, and others – who drugs Dredd’s team in order to remove fluid from their nervous systems to keep his creations alive.

Judge Dredd Soul Food

*information from the 200AD ‘The Cursed Earth’ press release

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