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Bill And Ted #3 Review

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Most Triumphant Return

Bill and Ted. Bill&Ted, BillandTed, BillandTed, Billandted.

What can I say about Bill S Preston Esq and Ted Theodore Logan? I’m actually having a problem in reviewing this comic because on the one hand it’s Bill and Ted! Part of my childhood and, in fairness, a comic that made me laugh out loud throughout. However, on the other hand, it’s a ridiculous nostalgic heavy in joke. Have you seen Young Guns 2? No? Then that’s not just one joke that’s going to pass you by but pretty much an entire page. Have you watched either of the Bill and Ted films recently? No? Then I hope your memory is good because it’s reference upon reference from start to finish.

Do you see the problem?

bill and ted #3 insert

If you’re a fan you’ll love the visit to see Mr The Kid and laugh at the constant use of the number 69 and word Station. You’ll also not mind that the story progresses in a very obvious way because this is all part of the charm (and there will no doubt be a whole host of time hopping craziness to finish the run in the daftest most implausible way possible).

If you’re not a fan….I’ll find a picture of a tumble weed blowing down an empty old west street. Seriously, I was explaining some of it to someone I work with and their face went as blank as a villain from a 1930’s Dick Tracy comic strip. (Now I’m doing it, making obscure references where it’s only going to baffle readers).

bill and ted #3 insert 2

This month’s story is simple enough, Bill and Ted are trying to make the young De Nomolos come out of his shell and experience life to the full. They hop him around in time until they decide what he needs is a crash course in music, similar to what happened to them at the end of Bogus Journey. This all comes back to kick them in the ass when an attack by Billted 1.0 makes De Nomolos realise that he can take from our heroes everything they have: kind of like what Biff does in Back to the Future 2. I can mention Back to the Future 2, right? We’ve all seen that one?

That’s it for the story, De Nomolos is out on top by the end making Bill and Ted feel like they are in Dire Straits. All as expected, really.

Basically, I enjoyed this, I laughed at the daft in jokes, obscure movie references and nods to Doctor Who. If you’re not sure if you should read it, all you have to do is ask yourself this simple question:

Do you love the Bill and Ted movies?

If yes then go out and buy this.

If no then I probably wouldn’t bother.

bill and ted #3 cover

Title: Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writer: Brian Lynch

Pencils: Jerry Gaylord

Inks: Jerry & Penelope Gaylord

Colours: Whitney Cogar


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