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Bill And Ted #4 Review

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Oh, Dude! Time has been rewritten leaving Bill and Ted no longer on the path to awesomeness but instead left to wallow in their worst nightmares. Bill is lost in the camps of Military Academy and Ted works for Pretzels n Cheese with his Wife, Missy. Yes, that Missy,

“Dude, remember when Missy divorced your dad, and then divorced mine, and then married you?”

All is not well for the future Bill and Ted.

The story is simple and so familiar it almost hurts. DeNomolos has studied the lives of our excellent heroes so much he knows it all off by heart. He then uses the Phone Booth to travel back in time and do everything they did but first thus replacing them in history. They didn’t fight DeNomolos at the Battle of the Bands so no-body heard them play so they disappeared into obscurity like so many almost bands. Time is undone and Biff, I mean DeNomolos, reigns supreme.

Except, Bill and Ted are stranded out of time and as they begin to understand the severity of the situation (Bill and Ted junior no longer exist!!!) they do what they always do, rally some troops and take the fight to the villain.

Bill and Ted insert 1

First the artwork: it’s still as fun as it was in issue one and there are as many illustrated gags are there are spoken ones, check out the cover for DeNomolos’ first album or the contrasting Bill and Ted’s from different time periods. I’ve used the word before and I’m going to use it again here, it’s FUN.

Secondly, the plot. It’s nothing new and to be honest that doesn’t matter. It’s not meant to be ground breaking however, my concern is the time travel element. In the original movies there was much excellent time travel narrative play but it all fit together and made, in a fashion, a workable linear story. In this issue time has been altered, Bill and Ted have met their alternative selves. Things are different. There is no Station, NO STATION!!. But how are they going to fix it? Obviously our slightly witless heroes will win out in the end but to do so means changing the past and then a whole paradox nightmare is opened (in fact, there already is a massive paradox but the Kiss reference distracted me). One of the elements of the original movies was that all the time hopping fitted together, however ridiculous. In this story I can’t see how it will work. But maybe I’m panicking too soon, the writer obviously knows what he is doing. Breathe and enjoy the silliness. It’s probably not worth thinking too much into it.

Bill and Ted insert 2

And that’s this comic in a nutshell. It is awash with in jokes; self-referencing; nods to characters from the past; it’s got all of that. And yes, the story may be a little bit too close to Back to the Future II but this comic pokes so much fun at its own history and the influences upon it, that it doesn’t really matter. It’s an enjoyable if somewhat shallow read, just like its central characters. Plus the backup story is quite a wheeze and there’s nothing here that you wouldn’t expect. It’s not going to convert anyone to comic reading, or even the Bill and Ted franchise, but it does keep us fans happy.


Title: Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writer: Brian Lynch

Pencils: Jerry Gaylord

Inks: Jerry & Penelope Gaylord

Colours: Whitney Cogar

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