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Bill And Ted #5 Review

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Since the first issue of Bill and Ted came out several months ago I have considered writing a review in the style of ‘Bill and Ted’ but decided that it would probably get really old, really fast. I can almost understand why De Nomolos banned the ‘heavy seven’* words in the alternate timeline that our heroes have found themselves in, after so long they begin to grind.

Luckily Brian Lynch is able to craft a script that only boarders on the annoying with Bill and Ted speak, in fact he plays with the annoyance and turns it into a joke. There is a scene in this issue where Ted tries to string a sentence together without saying ‘dude’. He fails and, despite the fact the joke is simple, it is an effective and a funny moment.

Bill Ted MostTriumphantReturn 5 insert 1

And there are a lot of funny moments in this issue, just like previous issues. Granted the inclusion of Death as a main character, finally, and the return of Rufus mean that there are some stronger characters for the writer and artist to play with. Death was one of the best characters from the second movie and he steals the show this month as he completely fails to beat anyone who challenges him and his gut instinct that Bill and Ted’s arrival won’t actually improve his day generates a wonderful piece of dialogue. Jerry and Penelope Gaylord have done a brilliant job illustrating Death; they’ve captured his imposing, menacing presence as well as his helpless, almost childlike face of worry. This issue is almost worth reading just for Death.

But the rest of the story is actually very entertaining as well, although there isn’t that much actual ‘plot’ (but then again were you expecting any? That would be like expecting character development in a Marvel Summer Event). The aforementioned return of Rufus is much overdue and the stupidity of De Nomolos’ brother is surprisingly funny. There is a strong and simple storyline that leads into next month’s finale with the promise of a Most Triumphant Return (suddenly the comic’s title makes more sense) for Bill and Ted.

Bill Ted MostTriumphantReturn 5 insert 2

After last month I was beginning to worry that the steam may have run out of this little venture but this month has stoked the engine and everything is rocketing along the track in tip top condition. Any six of the ‘Heavy Seven’ banned words could be used to describe this issue, dude!

The backup story “Research Project” by Christopher Hastings and Matt Cummings is another Death-centric story. It’s built around a simple, one joke premise but acts as a sweet little palate cleanser for the final issue in a month’s time.

Bill Ted MostTriumphantReturn 5 cover

Title: Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writer: Brian Lynch

Pencils: Jerry Gaylord

Inks: Jerry & Penelope Gaylord

Colours: Whitney Cogar

*The Heavy Seven are of course: Dude, Triumphant, Outstanding, Stellar, Resplendent, Bodacious and Excellent.

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