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Bill And Ted #6 Review

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(Will It Be A) Most Triumphant Return

And it’s into the final medley for Bill S Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan as they do battle with De Nomolos and search for that difficult second single.

This series has been a string of bad gags, in jokes and late 80’s early 90’s pop culture references and this final chapter is more of the same. We start this issue off with a large gathering in the most heinous future where De Nomolos is speechifying to the masses, confirming that everything is going to be fine: dull, lifeless and bland but fine non the less. Then in steps the most gargantuan robots since the Megazords from Power Rangers and who should they resemble? Bill S Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan, naturally.

A big showdown kicks off with the vast cast of characters (minus the Princesses but we’ll get to them later)   pretty much all present and correct. There’s screaming, there’s eulogising, there’s the breaking down of emotions and one of the greatest songs ever written. One of the bonuses of this being a comic is that they don’t need to write one of the greatest songs ever written, they can allow the reactions of the characters to show this to the reader. And there is a montage of just that, a wonderful string of reasons why people fall in love with whatever music they choose to follow. It’s funny and in a small way, quite touching; cheesy in the best possible way and that’s a statement that can sum up this entire 6 part story.

BillTedMostTriumphantReturn 6 insert 1

Nostalgia and self-referencing play are large part of the story so if you’re out of the loop you may miss a large chunk of the gags. Even the last page, with the final speech “He does get better” is a direct link to the end of the first movie.

Unsurprisingly everything works out as you would expect and Death gets his groove back which in the end is all that matters (I’m a Death fan, what can I say?). Everyone is happy and history is back on track and that’s where my only gripe with this comic lies. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews about how clever the time travel was used in the movies, how it all worked out with some scattered logic so that if you followed it through it made a single A to B story that just happened to loop on itself. The constant back and forth so that something was where they needed it at the time they thought of needing it all fitted together. Unfortunately in this story that is not the case; time had been altered and then put back like a Los Angeles Surfer version of Quantum Leap. I found this a bit disappointing.

I was disappointed that a Bill and Ted story wasn’t clever enough for me.

I think I may need to read that sentence back to myself.

BillTedMostTriumphantReturn 6 insert 2

This month, the backup story warrants special attention. This is because it features the two Princesses as the leads, two characters who have been sorely lacking from the main story. Here they begin to question where they fit into the Legend of Bill and Ted when their position in the band is threatened by two hip rock chicks from the future. As the tale unfolds Elizabeth and Joanna take control, kick some ass and prove themselves to be integral members of the Bill and Ted story. It’s true that this story could be seen as a way to make up for the lack of Princesses in the main story but at least they were given some of the page count and in such a wonderful story; a great encore to the comic.

All in all Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return has lived up to its title. Everything that you would have expected to find in these pages have been in these pages and a whole lot more. Hopefully this will lead to future adventures of the time travellers and their friends. And maybe even a spin off for Death…yes? Just a mini-series? Please?

BillTedMostTriumphantReturn 6 cover

Title: Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writer: Brian Lynch

Artists: Jerry & Penelope Gaylord

Backup Strip: Brian Jones and Bachan

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