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Death Vigil #7 Review

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“According to Sam….it’s Punch an asshole day!”

It seems like such a long time since the last issue of Death Vigil came out but Stjepan Sejic eases the reader back into the world of Bernardette and the Vigil with an issue that catches up with all the major players. It’s amazing how much is crammed into this issue but it doesn’t feel that way, in fact that’s one of Sejic’s talents: he can design a comic so that it tells a lot of story in a small amount of space.

Bernardette has been trapped by Maria who is planning on using the Scythe to bring her daughter back to life despite Bernie’s warnings.

Elsewhere Clara manages to bring Sam back from the darkness using her ever increasing power. Sam doesn’t take long to give Henrich a piece of his mind (shortly after a piece of his fist) and shows him just how wrong he’s been about Bernie. And then the search for Bernie begins, leading Clara and Sam to revisit a bunch of friends and a few not-so-much friends. The highlight being Clara’s revenge on her ex-boyfriend who got her into the Vigil in the first place. Their confrontation says a lot about how much Clara has grown as a character since her introduction in issue 1.

And of course there’s the villains, doing their thing, weaving their webs and planning the downfall of everyone else.

Death Vigil insert 2

As I have already stated, this issue is about allowing the reader to be  re-accustomed to the comic but it’s also setting up act 2. There are so many story threads currently dangling that it’s difficult to know which will take the lead over the coming issues but my money is on the search for Bernie.

Sejic does an amazing job of keeping the story moving despite having to fit in so much exposition. He does this through the brilliant design and panel organisation. The visuals are kept interesting so that there is always something interesting or exciting to look at while the narration is happening. Sejic loves to break the panel edges, spreading his characters and props across the gutters of the page to keep the reader constantly alert to the text, highlighting important speeches or just noteworthy comedy moments. Some of the best moments in this comic come when Sejic plays with the very idea of panel layout such as weaving an energy fuelled web when Clara is reading the memories of her mind damaged ex-boyfriend.

Death Vigil Feature

Sejic is one of those rare writers who manage to merge comedy, adventure, fantasy and horror successfully together without letting the joins show. If there is any negative to this comic it’s that you will have to have read volume one to understand what’s going on but in today’s market place, where previous volumes are easy to pick up, that’s not such a problem.

I was going to start this review with “Bernie and the Vigil are back and I’ve dearly missed them” but I didn’t want to nail my colours to the mast too soon. This is a knockout issue for the start of act 2 and I can’t wait to see where Sejic takes us this time.


Title: Death Vigil

Publisher: Image/Top Cow

Writer/Artist: Stjepan Sejic

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