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Death Vigil #8 Review

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“This is the End. Beautiful friend.”

I haven’t quoted this song just because it refers to the ‘End’ in the lyrics but also because the emotional, apocalyptical sound of The Door’s music fits brilliantly with Stjepan Sejic’s final issue of Death Vigil.

Death Vigil 8 insert 1

After the big fight in the last issue, the remaining Vigil take the fight to Maria in an attempt to rescue Bernie and put the demons to bed. Unfortunately for Maria, the Vigil are not her only problem as she discovers that she may have been tricked by the big bad demon; how did she not see that coming? Oh yeah, her total obsession with her daughter blinded her to everything else. And that is the thing about Death Vigil, despite the supernatural adventure that the story is dressed in, underneath it’s a tale about people and the things they do for love. It shares that a lot with Sejic’s other wonderful work Sunstone, obviously with more magic, fighting and, to be honest, grotesque images that I’m going to have trouble shaking from my memory.

As I have stated, this issue is about relationships and each page illustrates the interaction between the characters, even the panels themselves are at times distant then they cross and dissolve entirely. Quick inlay panels show close ups of characters sly nods and winks while all around them the final battle rages. And what an outstandingly beautiful battle it is. Bernie looks outstanding as she starts to ‘crack some skulls’ and the energy in the other Vigil oozes from the page. Some readers may have a moan about the delays between issues of this comic but just one look at the artwork indicates where all that time has gone. The fact that Sejic is also producing work of this calibre for a number of different titles all at once is unbelievable.

Death Vigil 8 insert 2

From a narrative point of view, the story is neatly tied up and everything is resolved just in time for the end of the arc. Really? Of course not. There are things left to be picked up at a later date and the Carrie like final scene will just have you begging for more*. The host of characters have been introduced and grown as much as the cast of full series of the best television show. Sejic rams his comics with so much it’s a wonder the pages can contain everything.

In the last year, Sejic has proven he has a natural knack at telling a character driven story in pretty much any genre, it is in fact his attention to character that makes his work so enjoyable. Add to this his attention to detail and his commitment to the work and you end up with a wholly satisfying comic that becomes a must read whenever it comes out. Death Vigil has been a surprise hit from the very beginning and if you’ve missed out I urge you to watch out for the trade which surely must follow.


Title: Death Vigil

Publisher: Image/Top Cow

Writer/Artist: Stjepan Sejic

*Unfortunately you may have to wait a while for more Death Vigil but in the meantime check out the Sunstone Trades, our very own Sejic Art competition and his next project Switch, out in October.

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