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Dirk Gently #3 Review

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Holistic Detective Agency: The Interconnectedness of all Kings

Dirk Gently blunders through the plot adopting an air of indifference to all but the most seemingly pointless things. But of course no self-respecting holistic detective would do it any other way.

At the end of the last issue Dirk was hysterically screaming about the mummification happening at the otherwise standard party that was going on behind him. The celebrations are soon forgotten however as the detective legs it down a stairwell and encounters one of the copycat killers in the midst of engaging her passion. Hamisch the geek is out of his depth while the sexy lady flirts with him and he doesn’t notice the massive knife she wields behind her back. Enter Dirk from up stage, barging his way through not really caring about the murder that’s about to take place (although he does make sure that Hamisch is safe but he’s very flippant about it).

Dirk Gently 3 insert 1

Dirk becomes side tracked when trying to get the hotel staff to call the police and his attention isn’t re focused until Neferhotep and Craig enter the lobby and mummify a killer.

The police turn up with Kate Schechter in tow who enjoys her reunion with Dirk and has some questions that she knows he’ll have answers to.

Spoiler alert: he doesn’t, in fact he doesn’t have any interest in what she has to say. However, this turns out to be a bluff but before there’s any further development in walks a killer in to the café.

There’s a lot going on in this issue, like previous issues before it. It definitely has a value for money feel on the word count but how much of it is relevant or even entertaining is a different matter. The whimsical way that Dirk behaves is more of an annoyance than the charming air we’re used to. The issue is full of blunder and people talking but the speech is mostly made up of characters explaining things, some of which is relevant and some of which is not; and it’s not very obvious which is which. This month’s script has a feel that it’s got away from the writer, Chris Ryall, which ironically is something that many have said about some of Douglas Adams’ own work.

Dirk Gently 3 insert 2

The Art work however is much more kinetic and captures the blustering movements of Dirk and the violent tendencies of the two copycat killers. The figure work is detailed and exciting with a number of gruesome and threatening moments that add a level to the plot that is lacking in the script.

There are clues to the greater story and links to previous adventures: such as the Egyptian markings that Dirk initially dismisses; the reaction by the ancient mummies to the presence of a violin; and the character of Professor Chronotis who was originally created for a Tom Baker Doctor Who story. However everything is rushed and there is a lot of information constantly flooding out. The pacing of this may work in the larger context of a trade where you can speed straight on to the next chapter however in the confines of a single issue it is a touch disappointing.

Dirk Gently 3 cover

Title: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Chris Ryall

Artist: Tony Akins/John Livesay

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