Published on August 28th, 2014 | by Edward DeWitt


And Then Emily Was Gone #2 – Comic Review

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Once again, relative newcomers Comixtribe show off some big name connections, this time offering us a variant cover by Manhattan Project’s Nick Pitarra.

For those who missed issue 1, And Then Emily Was Gone is a grimy horror limited series, and the first monthly ever for indie publisher Comixtribe. The series features a harsh, distorted art style, which, while it won’t suit everyone’s taste, not only compliments but amplifies the bleak writing.

It’s a tough comic to review. Not because there’s not anything to say about it, but because anything you might say about it could potentially ruin the experience of reading it. Issue two ramps up the sense of isolation as our characters plunge into Merksay, and the supporting cast has a wonderfully perverse feel. These are characters who wouldn’t seem out of place in The League of Gentlemen’s darkest moments.


It’s going to make you feel uncomfortable. It’s going to make you feel disgusted. And it’s so damned good. Read it, and let it take you the best worst place you’ll go in comics.


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