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Published on May 18th, 2015 | by Dan Melrose


Episode 28 – 28 Pods Later

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28 Pods Later. 

     I awoke in my jimmy-jams, in a haze. I was concerned with getting myself a ‘hippy speedball,’ and was in no way prepared for the world into which I would walk. Thick smoke, covering the skies, the shed empty and vacuous. Not a soul in sight, papers and comics were strewn across the garden, the signs of struggle evident in the great swathes of very patchy, shitty grass, sprayed with blood  coloured by .Joelle Jones. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, I spot Dave running through the park next door, and then jumping over the fence towards me. On his tail, a horde of zombie hipsters, running at us fast as fuck.

     ‘Quick! Into the Shed!’ I beckoned, as these fast as fuck zombies hurl themselves towards us, necrotic hands reaching out with drippy fingers.

     We shut ourselves in the Shed, and barred the thin panelled doors with my amazing door-openey-stick, which I had to sacrifice by breaking it in twain. The fast as fuck zombies, within seconds, were at the doors banging on the fragile plastic panes. The were all screaming and gargling at us. There was one at the back that looked like B.B. King and was shouting my lovers name, as if wanting vengeance.

     We thought we were goners, when we saw in the background, the back door to the house fly open. Out stepped Bones, in his gillet and my crocs, holding in his clenched fist  a ham & cheese sandwich. He reached with his free hand into his seemingly depthless pocket to retrieve a can of tuna, which he hurled at Zom B.B. King, causing his head to come asunder. He them ran at the remaining zombies, before turning to the left, the only way he knows, and jumping the fence and running off towards tesco, taking the zombies with him.

     We opened up the shed, gathered the comics from the crap lawn, got a few supplies from the house, and returned to await Bones’ return.

     When he finally came back, having lost the dead, we read some comics. Comics such as: Space Riders, Ichabod Azrael, Darth Vader, C.O.W.L, ODY-C, Imperium, Miami Vice Remix, Giant Days, 2000 AD, D4VE, Chrononauts, Copperhead, Injection, Mantle, Mythic, Reyn, Ladykiller, The Walking Dead, Unity, Thor, Captain Marvel, & Secret Wars. 

    Much time passed, and nothing much a happened, which is a lot like what’s going on in the Walking Dead at the moment, so we watched some trailers, such as: Supergirl & Jem & The Holograms.

     In fact, upon watching Jem & The Holograms, I found my own self now content with our newfound apocalyptic scenario, happy in the knowledge that that film would be wiped from existence, and the fucking awful taste in my mouth and ears might finally go.

     Night was fast approaching, as mid afternoon began collapsing into dusk, Dave left to find his love and then onwards, questing hastily to the Butler Birthday celebrations, whereby he gets older, but still continues to look about 40 years older than that.

     Me and Bones were left awaiting an old friend, and would soon take a magical journey of our own. The night is just beginning…

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