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Fistful Of Blood #2 Review

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The problem with re-releasing old material is that some of it can seem dated and out of time, even with a remastering of the art work, the tone and style of some comics are just ‘of their time’. This means that you can look at them and think “well, things were different back then”, unfortunately for Fistful of Blood, it was originally released between 2001 and 2003 so it should have always known better. Then again it was printed in Heavy Metal magazine and they have their own rules with a specific audience.

fistful of blood 2 insert 1

The point of it is, even with the new colouring work by Tomi Varga, Fistful of Blood comes off as just inappropriate and small minded. There is an interesting concept at the centre of it which gives an old, familiar film plot an interesting new twist but the design work and storytelling just don’t do it justice.

For example, this issue introduces the McDonalds to the story by having one of the clan attack our heroine in her bed. The sequence takes up half the comic and is nothing more than a 1920’s expressionist vampire fighting a 1980’s porn star dressed in uncomfortable string vest and one black stocking with lacy underwear. The fight swings back and forth and is littered with sound effects like ‘kick’ and ‘stab’ just in case you’re not sure what a kick or stab look like. There is nothing on these pages that tell the reader anything new about the characters or the situation except that the McDonalds are vampires and the heroine is a bit slow on the up take. The constant speech from the vampire is also extremely annoying and unnecessary; it gets to a point where you wish it was based on a silent movie.

Some of the Art work is very good; a number of close ups and the encompassing landscape images show off Simon Bisley’s style at its best but this smart aesthetic is all undone by the crassness of the characters.

fistful of blood 2 insert 2

In the latter half of the comic, when the tourists turn up for a show, the humour of Eastman is allowed to come out and play without being forced. Most of the gags are at the expense of the simple minded consumers that have drifted into town but its light hearted and isn’t actually as mean as it could have been. The final dinner party scene is a mix of jovial art and simplistic innuendo.

The breasts are bigger and the story simpler in this stereotypical, teenage boys, wet dream of a comic. Having missed it the first time around I kind of wish it had stayed ‘missed’ especially as it looks and reads more like a comic from the 1980’s than the early 21st century.

fist of blood 2 cover

Title: Fistful of Blood

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer/Artists: Kevin Eastman/Simon Bisley

Colours: Tomi Varga

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