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Four Doctors #2 Review

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So it’s week 2 of the Four Doctors and the Doctor argues with himself, runs away from himself and tries to boast to himself. It’s full on Doctor action.

After the introduction and the meeting of the Doctor’s in the last issue, the second chapter adapts a more action based motif. The bickering between the Doctors continues unobstructed despite the Reapers attack and the panic that sets in to the companions as they realise they may be out of their depth. But to be honest the companions take a back seat and serve very little purpose towards the plot this issue; they sole purpose seems to be to point things out for one of the Doctor’s to explain.

Four Doctors insert 1

The plot itself seems very complicated if you try to follow the Doctor’s conversations but it’s fairly straight forward. There is a time paradox created by the meeting of the Doctors and they have to use the Tardises to trap the Reapers and disperse them back into the void of time. A quick trip through the various console rooms and jobs a good ‘un. Almost too simple but of course this is just the appetiser to get the Doctor’s together for the main meal. In an attempt to avoid the Doctors meeting, Clara has in fact set in motion the events that bring the Doctors together on the planet of Marinus.

Despite the obviousness of some elements of the story it is the interaction between the Doctors that makes this issue worth reading. As established last week Paul Cornell knows each incarnation of the Doctor and manages to give each their own voice almost indistinguishable from their TV counterparts. The adorableness of the 10th, the craziness of the 11th and the reluctant grumpiness of the 12th all provide a sizzling script with as much pace as the action.

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Neil Edwards and Ivan Nunes again produce stunning art work that enriches the energy of Cornell’s script and the details on the backgrounds and the console rooms are especially breath taking. The entrances into the each of the console rooms with the TV referencing quotes from various Doctors is a treat for all fans of Doctor Who.

My only quibble with this issue is that the Reapers never really appear much of a threat. Okay at first they are smashing into things while panic ensues but once the characters escape from the café they become nothing more than Sylvester the cat chasing Tweety Pie. Even when there are supposedly hundreds of them within the TARDIS they are all off panel making no real mark on the plot. I don’t think this will prove to be much of an issue when this series is collected into one volume because the Reapers are a means to an ends, but in this single issue they do feel a little bit wasted. They don’t even get to munch on one of the companions.

There are in jokes a plenty, enough to keep any fan happy (and references that any level of fan will get, no one is left out) and again the character interaction cannot be faulted. A superfluous villain can be forgiven in a story that has to deal with three very strong Doctors. And the real villains of the piece are revealed at the end so it’s onwards and upwards as (I’m sure) we’ll soon find out why this story is called Four Doctors.

Four Doctors 2 cover

Title: Doctor Who: Four Doctors

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writer: Paul Cornell

Artist: Neil Edwards

Colourist: Ivan Nunes

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