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Glitterbomb #1 Review

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Farrah once starred in a popular TV show but her acting career hasn’t been the same since it ended. Now she’s realising there are no parts for a middle-aged single mother in youth-obsessed Hollywood – a realisation that makes her contemplate drowning herself in the Pacific. But something happens to her in the water and Farrah is changed. And now the body count is rising as whatever Farrah is now won’t let her be pushed around anymore – it’s Hollywood horror Lovecraft-style!

Jim Zub has written some decent stuff before like fantasy titles Skullkickers and Samurai Jack but it looks like he’s produced his best work yet with horror comic Glitterbomb! He and newcomer Djibril Morissette-Phan’s original series starts with an amazing first issue. The comic grabs you from the second page with a shockingly abrupt scene and from then on it’s anyone’s guess where things go, an unpredictability that makes for an exciting read!


The themes of disappointment with life, uncertainty over the future, and fear of failure are relatable to anyone and are expertly woven into Zub’s compelling narrative of a Hollywood also-ran. He’s also able to remarkably impress a character upon the reader almost instantly. We only briefly meet Roger the agent, Brooke the actress and Kaydon the babysitter but they feel like real people captured within the pages of this issue. It’s fantastic writing.

It’s surprising that this is Djibril Morissette-Phan’s first published comic given how polished it is. The murders are pretty graphic though the second is more artfully rendered as a silhouette – both killings in this issue are as shocking as they’re meant to be. Farrah’s transformation isn’t that original (hence the Lovecraft mention above) but I liked it – it wasn’t too over the top a change for her but enough of one to be effectively monstrous. K. Michael Russell’s colouring is a little drab but that’s probably to suit the horror tone. It’s a fine-looking comic overall.

The series premise is original and its dark mystery is a helluva hook to ensnare readers to find out what happens next – couple that with some great art and you’ve got an ideal read! Glitterbomb #1 may not have been on many people’s radars but I highly recommend checking out this hidden gem of a comic particularly to those readers who enjoy horror.


Publisher: Image

Writer: Jim Zub

Artist: Djibril Morissette-Phan

Colourist: K. Michael Russell

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