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Godzilla In Hell #1 Review

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Just ponder the title of the comic for a moment; Godzilla in Hell.

What kind of comic are you expecting?

The title pretty much sums up the comic; there’s Godzilla and he is in Hell.


In Hell.

The story is unsurprisingly simple. Godzilla falls down a vast chimney structure, passed the titles, naked and dreamlike, just like Micky at the beginning of In The Night Kitchen. He crashes to the ground and is faced with the towering legend ‘Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Her’. The monstrous beast shows little regard for the warning and reduces it to rubble with his fiery breath, leaving a pile of bricks and a few wisps of smoke that spell out the word Lust.

I kid you not!

The dust spells Lust!

Godzilla then wanders the scorched landscape and is pitted against a number of hideous beasts made of tentacles and a swarm of lost, human souls. This leaves him tired and a touch sheepish looking, so much so that all he can do is despair as he is sucked beneath the ground to begin the entire cycle again.

Godzilla in hell 1 insert

It’s a single concept issue with very little story and what there is isn’t original at all; the whole ‘loop of suffering’ has been a staple of narrative and psychological writing and Art for generations. There is nothing surprising about the way it is handled and the endless struggle that Godzilla embarks on doesn’t even have any tension to it; it’s like the man who pushes the boulder up the hill, you know within moments he’ll get to the top and the boulder will roll back down. Same thing here, Godzilla fights the demonic creature but his inevitable victory is both predictable and pointless. As he finishes where he starts, ready for the whole thing to begin again. Endlessly.

There are some impressive vistas throughout this comic and for the most part Godzilla is depicted as the formidable beast that he is (apart from the ‘sheepish face’ moments). This is a very well draw action comic with suitably grotesque demonic creatures but for all its spectacle the overall affect is very flat. It’s a throwaway comic which lacks any depth. Where you might expect an insight into the forces that drive Godzilla’s usual destructive tendencies, all that you are given is more of the same monster on monster fight action.

Maybe over the course of this five issue mini-series something more impressive will develop, especially as there are different creators working on each issue but for an opening salvo, there isn’t enough here to entice people back. This would have worked better in a shorter format as a backup strip instead of trying to fill centre stage.


Title: Godzilla In Hell

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer/Artist:  James Stokoe

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