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I Hate Fairyland #1 Review

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If you are the type of person who picks up a Marvel comic just because of the cutesy covers by Skottie Young then I’m going to assume that you’ve already got I Hate Fairyland on order. However if you’re indifferent to the whole cheap marketing tactic then you’ll probably want to stay away from this comic as its contents is nothing but this writ large.

I Hate Fairyland insert 1

The story is simple: cute young girl makes a wish to go to a magical world and her wish is granted. She is given an adventure of a lifetime, a quest to full fill, then she can go home and all will be fine. Unfortunately, it turns out she is shit at navigation, much as any child would be, and she gets trapped, unchanging, in fairyland for years and years, and years. And her hatred for the magical world grows and grows and grows.

The comic is packed with grotesque Disney like caricatures each with their own attitude problem who hinder, while attempting to help, Gertrude on her misadventure. Most notable are Larrigon Wentsworth III, a Ren and Stimpy inspired version of Pinocchio’s Cricket; and the narrator Moon, a bland, sulky character that barely makes it into two dimensions.

I Hate Fairyland insert 2

The main selling point for I hate Fairyland is of course Skottie Young’s Artwork which will please fans I have no doubt. It’s full of youthful energy and captures a madcap world as seen through the eyes of a child but doesn’t contain much originality from a narrative point of view. Angry fairies, mindless hunks and hip anthropomorphic critters have all been done before and it’s only Young’s art style that makes them bearable in these pages. Even the central character is nothing more than a spoilt brat who begins to grate before the final page.

The problem with this comic is that it’s pretty much a one gag story and once that joke has been told it has nowhere to go. It can hardly fill the pages of this single issue so I’m not sure how it’s going to fill a full series. Maybe Skottie Young will step up with issue two and produce a wonderfully engaging story but that isn’t evident here.

As I stated at the beginning, this comic will have a ready-made audience who will love this and I understand why they will, unfortunately if you’re expecting anything more than cutesy-with-an-edge I think you’ll be disappointed.


Title: I Hate Fairyland

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer/Artist: Skottie Young



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