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Judge Dredd: Dark Justice – Review

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You know the Daleks never actually die, that the Sith will always turn up and that Phil from Eastenders will seemingly exist well into the next century? Well apart from Phil this is usually a good thing. Recurring nemeses can often bring out the best in our protagonists. What would the Doctor, the Jedi and er the East end (?) do without them?

Luckily Judge Dredd has his ultimate foe and it’s the Dark Judges. Four entities from a parallel dimension that have deduced that life is a crime and the punishment must be death. Judges Mortis, Fire & Fear recently returned during the ‘Day of Chaos’ storyline (and were last seen trapped in a bottle by PJ Maybe. (Dredd always has the best character names)

They are in effect the most evil things on the planet. Mass murderers who kill everything in sight. This story kicks off with thousands of rich passengers heading off into space to find a better world. Unfortunately (yep you’ve guessed it) they have some extra cargo.


It has been a long 10 years since we last saw Judge death and this week see’s his deadly return with his crew in ‘Dark Justice.’ Written by Dredd co-creator John Wagner and my word it looks good. This is such an amazing piece of work I didn’t want to read it all too quickly but I only had part one to review.

What makes this even more of an event is the frankly amazing artwork by Greg Staples. Artwork that was hand painted, took him 2 years to complete and is a delight.

If you’re a fan of 2000AD you already know this is happening and if you’ve not been as enlightened to try it before then this Wednesdays’ issue is the perfect place to start.

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