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Mythic #1 Review

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Science is a sham, little more than a belief system to make people feel secure at night “knowing” empirical facts drive the world – an “opiate for the masses”. The reality? The sun is pulled across the heavens by a flaming chariot, earthquakes are caused by lizard-demons fighting for control of the underworld, and the tides rise and fall with the weeping of an immortal princess. Magic makes the world go round and when things go wrong, you call Mythic Lore Services to fix it.

Mythic #1 starts with a young man called Nate battling a pair of demons in the form of a horrible-looking old woman, and it feels very much like the start of the first Men in Black movie. A guy dealing with things he doesn’t understand who is then recruited into a secret organisation that shows him what’s going on behind the scenes of the world – the opening scenes are practically the same. Ghostbusters is another touchstone for this series as Mythic features an unusual group dealing with supernatural problems.


However, writer Phil Hester slowly moves away from these familiar comparisons so that by the end of the first issue, Mythic starts to feel like its own thing – I mean, how many comics have you read with a scene where a man tries to seduce a mountain?!

Like a lot of first issues for titles that have unusual concepts, Mythic #1 falls into the trap of doing a lot of exposition explaining exactly what’s going on. It’s an interesting setup but one that could’ve been handled a bit better than simply having characters standing around talking.

Also none of the characters really jumped off the page for me, they all just felt generic. Even Nate, who I thought was the protagonist, takes a backseat after the opening sequence so it’s hard to see who the main character is or who to follow – it’s basically all about the overall concept and the team as a whole than the individuals, at least for now.

Tonally, Hester has struck a good balance between the seriousness and craziness of what Mythic do – it’s not afraid to laugh at itself but there’s real drama behind the levity to keep readers engaged.


John McCrea’s artwork has never looked better than in this comic. He’s best known for his collaborations with Garth Ennis on Hitman, The Boys, The Punisher, Battlefields, and many more, which is why the frenzied action at the start is depicted so well. Maybe it’s because Mythic is the first creator-owned title that I know of from McCrea that the artwork feels less constrained and more ambitious. Splash pages, long panels – there’s a variety here to the comic that looks like McCrea is having a fun time experimenting with his usual storytelling style. Michael Spicer’s outstanding colours definitely help with the overall look of the issue.

Though it’s essentially Men in Black for the fantasy crowd, Mythic #1 is a fine start to what might be one of the best new titles from Image this year. It’s fun, imaginative and could go in any number of unpredictable directions – all qualities to recommend this issue. Check it out, Mythic #1 is worth a look!


Publisher: Image

Writer: Phil Hester

Artist: John McCrea

Colourist: Michael Spicer

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