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Plutona #1 Review

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Stale and boring describes Jeff Lemire’s output these last few years, I mean his latest comic Plutona (I suppose All-New Hawkeye’s not bad). Set in a world where superheroes exist, high school kids discover a body in the woods – yup, that’s the whole first issue! Jeff Lemire deciding to rip off Stand By Me for his latest book. Essex County sure seems like a long time ago!

Metro City, an idyllic mountain town in the Pacific north-west, is home to superhero Plutona, a single mom working two jobs because superheroing doesn’t pay a wage. What an original concept and location name! But back to the high school kids no-one cares about. One of them is the stereotypical “bad” kid who smokes and has a rough home life. There are two friends, one of whom takes advantage of the other. And there’s a nerd who watches superheroes like C.O.M.Bat and Swat-Dog in birdwatcher fashion. What’s the story again? Oh that’s right, there isn’t one.  

This first issue has the hint of a story – the mystery of how the (possibly dead) body came to be in the woods – which only appears on the final page. Up until then it’s a sleepy meander with completely unremarkable characters saying forgettable dialogue. One of them has a spiky punk jacket that the other uses. O…k.

There’s a three page (and a cover) backup featuring Plutona and drawn by Lemire as well. This is how we know her secret identity is an ordinary waitress and single mother in between stints as Supergirl-esque Plutona. But that’s all we learn. Not exactly entertaining stuff either!

Emi Lenox’s art is ok in a kiddie-style way but isn’t very impressive. Her design, or maybe in collaboration with Lemire, for Plutona’s outfit is generic superhero much like the superheroes’ names and the villains’ too (The Bang Bang Gang!). Jordie Bellaire’s colours are pleasant though.

And that’s Plutona #1: an underwhelming and weak beginning that makes it hard to get excited about this series. Boring unoriginality as a comic – don’t bother.


Publisher: Image

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Emi Lenox

Colourist: Jordie Bellaire

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