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Rivers Of London #3 Review

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Body Work Chapter 3: Patient Zero

Peter and his boss go to collect the most haunted car in the world while Sahra cranks up the investigation and attempts to track down all of the parts of the demon BMW.

The investigation is the key in this issue. Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel expand the mystery to include new suspects and new leads for the detectives to follow. This in turn allows the characters to go their separate ways and the writers to include some top notch police work.

Rivers of London #3 insert 2

Sahra gets the job of dog sitter and, by default, the researcher role. It’s through her storyline that the nitty-gritty of the actual police work is explored; she checks on leads; cross references clues; and basically does the follow up leg work. Aaronovitch shows his understanding of police procedural in these moments and manages to get across how laborious the task can be without slowing the momentum of the story.

This is partially helped by the fact that Sahra’s story is intercut with Peter and Nightingales adventures with the haunted car. Their narrative in this issue is to keep the supernatural element alive and draw the links to the ongoing investigation.

Rivers of London #3 insert 1

The illustration is small screen for the most part, focusing on the details like a T.V. crime show. This suits the story perfectly as it allows the reader to hone their attention onto the characters and their speech. If this were a massive sci-fi epic this approach to layout and panel design wouldn’t work but it’s not; everyone involved knows what story there are telling and they have adapted their styles to this affect.

One of the most impressive aspects of this comic is the colour work of Luis Gurerrero. He uses amazing subtle shades in the panels to reflect such things as the rising sun or the casting of a light into the darkness. He creates shadow and depth way beyond what is necessary to tell the story but of course it all adds to the realism that the comic is aiming at.

Okay, the story is about a haunted car that is attacking people for reasons so far unknown, a story similar to the main plot of a Scooby Doo cartoon I watched just recently but the seriousness with which they approach it is akin to any episode of CSI. This is as good as early X-Files and a rival to Paul Cornell’s James Quill novels. It is also like nothing else I am currently reading in comic book form. If you fancy something different, and you can get your hands on a copy, pick up Rivers of London.

rivers of london 3 cover

Title: Rivers of London – Body Work

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writers: Ben Aaronovitch/Andrew Cartmel

Artist: Lee Sullivan

Colours: Luis Guerrero


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