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Run Love Kill #2 Review

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Warning: Will contain spoilers (it’s hard not to)

There’s a very simple premise to this second issue of Run Love Kill and it focuses entirely on the Run part of the title. Exceptional yet simplistic narrative seems to be a bit of a thing at the moment (see my review of this week’s East of West) and Jon Tsuei tells the reader everything they need to know about Rain and her situation without giving the entire story away.

The story starts by showing Rain in a cell being debriefed by Janus, what she is doing and why she is there is still a mystery, even by the end of this issue, but it’s clear that whatever mission she’s just returned from, she fucked up big time. The speech that Janus is giving her, about being able to choose what she wants to do, is in stark contrast to the images of cells and isolation and imposing shadows. There is a grill like window in her room that offers her the prisoner comfort but her face is as despondent as her surroundings.

RunLoveKill #2 insert 1

But hope comes in the form of Janus’ shadowy face and a light of salvation from the other side of her prison door. At this point Janus warns her “Go or stay, it’s your choice. But consequences will always catch up to you, Rain.” Go or stay as if she actually does have a choice, leading the reader again to question where she is and what does she do?

However, we already know she’s going to run, it’s been the backbone of the story so far.

RunLoveKill #2 insert 2

The story then skips to the present and the Origami (military or police force for the city/company? It’s not clear just yet, let’s refer to them as the ‘bad guys’!) are closing in on Rain. She has decided to spend her final night in the city having a bit of fun and saying goodbye in style. She hits the club scene and loses herself to a night of Strange Days inspired partying. These panels and pages are silent yet they resonate music and excitement. Anyone who’s ever been lost in a great night out will identify with this sequence of images. There’s an uncontrollable flow that pulls you happily along until that moment where the fun just stops, dead. It’s a face in the crowd that could spell the end for Rain and the open eyed look of horror on her face is all that is needed to express the seriousness of the situation.  Her reaction to a friend touching her on the shoulder speaks volumes about where she is mentally at this moment. Her instant reaction is violence.

Janus steps up to the bar for a quick chat and Rain queries “How much time do I have?” Cue futuristic hunter cyborg dog things…..

RunLoveKill #2 insert 3

The script is very tight in this issue and Tsuei allows the images to carry the story when they need to. The entire sequence in the night club is cleverly choreographed and sucks the reader into the moment allowing the appearance of Janus in the crowd to be jolt to the system. As I have already stated, it’s simplistic story telling but done to perfection. Eric Canete’s Art obviously plays a massive part in the narrative and he has a magnificent cinematic approach to his illustration; the story flows like a movie and you can almost hear the thumbing bass of the soundtrack.

The first issue of Run Love Kill surprised me because I didn’t know what to expect and was treated to something fresh and entertaining. This second issue goes one step further and gives you a full sensory experience that is difficult to achieve in a comic format. The creators have achieved something beautiful to read and something almost magical to look at. If you are looking for a new monthly to pick up, look no further than Run Love Kill.


Title: Run Love Kill

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jon Tsuei/Eric Canete

Artist: Eric Canete

Colours: Leonardo Olea

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