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Run Love Kill #3 Review

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“Rain Oshiro…. …by order of the state, you are hereby under arrest and placed under the authority of the Origami.”*

Action, violence, anger and desperation rule in the 3rd issue of Run Love Kill. The story begins back in the day when Rain worked for the company and a targeted hit on a convoy of trucks. Rain and Whisper are in charge of taking out the convoy and securing the cargo they are carrying. All goes according to plan and the drivers neatly dispatched until Rain sees what the cargo trucks are carrying and her better nature takes over. The shock and emotional distress portrayed by Rain is subtly illustrated as she discovers that children are being shipped and stolen (the purpose is as yet unknown). Knowing the character as the reader does from previous issues, it comes as no surprise that she breaks rank and attempts to rescue the children. Not everything works out and the scrap in the snow is messy and painful. The scenery is as bleak as the narrative and the sharp blue electric energy from the hand held weapons gives a coldness to the combat that helps to express the pain that the characters inflict on each other.

runlovekill 3 insert 2

At the most shocking moment of the battle Jon Tsuei spares us by flipping the action to the present day where he left Rain at the end of the last issue. And if you remember, that wasn’t the best situation either. The resultant onslaught in the disco is fast paced and gripping. It’s like a late 90’s rave version of the discotheque scene from the original Terminator film; on a budget; and less monosyllabic machoism. Rain handles herself magnificently but the odds are against her and in the back of your mind is the tick, tick, of the metronome present on the title page of each issue. Rain can’t run forever.

runlovekill 3 insert 1

There’s not much to the story this issue and the first half takes too long to establish itself; you may find yourself wanting to dig out last month’s issue to check what happened because it does feel as though you’ve missed something. However when it does become clear that the snow scenes are a flashback you fall into the rhythm of the issue. And there is a rhythm, that’s the beauty of Tsuei’s script, from the beginning of issue one there has been a distinctive beat to the narrative which is followed through with the Art work. It’s brilliantly orchestrated and pulls you along through the slightly confusing moments and excessive violent scenes. Eric Canete’s Art is cinematic and almost musical in composition. In the first half of the issue it is easy to imagine the haunting bass fuelled incidental music thumping out beats as the attack unfolds. And then the change to some industrial rock sound** for the club sequence, again with heavy beats emphasising each and every punch that is thrown.

Unlike previous issues, this one takes a few moments to get going but when it does it leads you through high octane action that’s over too soon. Both the script and the art work are outstanding and help create a truly entertaining Sci-Fi tale.


Title: Run Love Kill

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Jon Tsuei/Eric Canete

Artist: Eric Canete

Colours: Leonardo Olea

*from issue 3 written by Jon Tsuei

** I’m a rock fan so this is how my mind works, you may hear The Prodigy or Orbital or Fat Boy Slim at his disc mixing best. Whatever your musical tastes, you’ll hear it thumping over the action.

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