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Shutter #14 Review

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Lost in Venice with yet another mysterious figure claiming to be a relative and the hordes of Prospero all around, things look dire for Kate this time. It’s not as if you can just punch someone’s head off, is it?

Surely not?

Well, this is Joe Keatinge so absolutely anything is possible.

Shutter 14 insert 3

This issue sees Kate and her mysterious sister escape from the clutches of Prospero via roof hopping, motor boating and the inevitable Indiana Jones inspired motorbike getaway. They travel to Rome to meet Nero who turns out to be another family member, one who is also getting a little frustrated at the ever growing Kristopher family tree. I am beginning to think that Joe Keatinge may have come from a very small family and he is trying to make up for it here. I mean how many siblings can Kate have (that she doesn’t know about)? Well, get ready to find out in this very issue.

An observation regarding Nero. I’m not sure if it’s intentional but does anybody else think that Nero is wearing a false beard? I felt as though he was going to tear it off and shout “Ta Da!” for some reason.

Anyway, Kate is offered the chance of a new life away from all this craziness, free to live her life as she wishes or to learn the entire truth and be stuck with this crazy world. This moment make’s me wonder if this is the first time she has been at this crossroad and previously taken a different path. The ideal world that Nero offers here sounds very much like the life she had way back in issue one. Has she lived through this many times, each leading to a point similar to this? Has she had to make this choice over and over? Well, this time she takes the red pill and stays in wonderland.

Meanwhile the alarm clock cat (whose name has currently slipped my mind) knows all about Shaw kidnapping Chris and currently resides in a seat of power.

Shutter 14 insert 2

Exposition, exposition, exposition. There is a lot of exposition in this issue as Kate learns yet more about here infinite family. Keatinge litters the speech with humour to make it easier to digest and the illustration by Leila Del Duca sets everything in an eye pleasing environment. Nero’s Italian house is especially resplendent with all sorts of beautiful objects, fashion and a garden that is packed with handy allegorical statues.

However my favourite part of this issue is near the beginning where the fight sequence moves from Del Duca’s standard style to that of a Manga comic. The panels focus on the quick hand and feet movements and overlap to illustrate the chaotic nature of the fight. Even the characters take on a Japanese Comic like appearance. This genre/style referencing is something that the creators of Shutter have used constantly and always to great effect. The sequences fit seamlessly into the greater narrative and as a story telling technique, it never gets old.

This issue is a worthy edition to the growing Shutter collection and continues to grow the ever expanding universe of the Kristophers.


Title: Shutter

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Joe Keatinge

Artist: Leila Del Duca

Colours: Owen Gieni

Letterer: John Workman

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