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Snotgirl #1 Review

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After the brilliant Scott Pilgrim series and the hugely enjoyable Seconds, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s earned a lot of trust from me. So when I heard his next project was Snotgirl, about a fashion blogger with allergies, I was excited because I thought O’Malley would take this seemingly uninteresting concept and spin gold out of it – and unfortunately he hasn’t. Snotgirl is the first O’Malley comic that was both very boring and unexpectedly quite annoying to read.

There’s not really a lot to say about Snotgirl #1 beyond the premise of the fashion blogger with allergies, which is why it’s so tedious – no surprises. Snotgirl is Lottie Person, a vapid and shallow LA girl who presents a polished, put-together modern woman to the outside world but, in private, her allergies make her snot a lot. Her boyfriend broke up with her, her friends are just as vapid and shallow as she is, her blog’s not as successful as she’d like, and she’s kinda lonely. Then she meets Caroline (whom she names “Coolgirl” in her mind because they both like the same coffee) and the two become fast friends while her new doctor prescribes her a new pill for her allergies.


Which part of the above sounds interesting? Because none of it is in the least bit compelling to read. Nor is it really a story – the comic is a formless vague meandering for the most part. It doesn’t help that Lottie is a loathsome self-centred ninny and not at all personable while the text speak that occasionally litters the page is just irritating.

Leslie Hung’s manga-style art is pleasant but nothing special and the barest whiff of a story does seem to emerge in the final pages, but otherwise Snotgirl #1 is a disappointing and underwhelming start to this new series – definitely not a must-read for anyone, even for fans of Bryan Lee O’Malley.


Publisher: Image

Writer: Bryan Lee O’Malley

Artist: Leslie Hung

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