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Southern Bastards 11 – Comic Review

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Some two and a bit months after the last issue was published we return to Craw County, Alabama, for the latest chapter in Jasons Aaron & Latour’s Southern Bastards. Delays can be frustrating for readers and creators alike but thankfully, due to the nature of this arc, the latest issue of Southern Bastards doesn’t require a re-read to remember what’s happening.

We meet a new character, who looks likely to become quite important in the issues to come. As much as the residents of Craw County’s town might claim they’re country, Deacon Boone is *real* country. He’s a superb hunter, eschewing the modern day tactics of duck blinds and animal scent, preferring a more man versus nature approach. He’s a scary sumbitch.

sb 11 - Piggly Wiggly

In the space of 22 pages, Aaron and Latour introduce us to this intense, devout, yet very troubled man and make him feel like a key player in the burgeoning mythos of Southern Bastards. Cleverly, right about the time we start to think Boone might just be a stereotypical backwoods hunting loon, he turns righteous vigilante. Although, as is always the case in Southern Bastards there’s more to this attitude than meets the eye.

sb 11 - Boone eyes

The scenes of Boone at his Pentecostal church, where the fiery preacher brings out snakes for the congregation to prove their worthiness, reminded me of similar scenes in the television show Justified. I’ve made the comparison before but always with the caveat that Southern Bastards stays more grounded and somehow more unsettling.

In terms of colouring, this issue uses a different palette to previous issues. The reds and ambers are reduced and khaki green and browns come in. Given that this issue takes place in the rural side of Craw County, rather than the town and suburbs, this makes sense. It’s reinforcing the feel of nature versus the urbanisation that Boone is so against.

SB 11 - Boone river

With each issue in Southern Bastards “Homecoming” arc focusing on a different member of Craw County, this chapter maintains the feeling of a storm about to break across rural Alabama. The big game against Wetumpka is getting closer, and with it the return of the late Earl Tubb’s soldier daughter, Roberta…


Southern Bastards, by Jason Aaron & Jason Latour, is published by Image Comics.


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