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The Legacy of Luther Strode #5 Review

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In the penultimate issue of this arc (and series, sobs!), Luther and Petra’s quest has finally led them to the lair of Cain – The Bound, the first of them all, and the head of the Murder Cult – with only his elite guard standing in their way. It’s fight night, baby!  

If you’ve made it this far in the series you won’t need much encouragement to pick up this fifth issue but if you needed some reassurance then, yo, it’s as high quality as you’d expect from this creative team. Luther Strode is a series that has defined itself by highly-stylized hyper-violence and this issue delivers in spades.


Luther faces one of his biggest challenges yet as he goes up against multiple powerful enemies at once, a sequence that artist Tradd Moore nails with his visionary style, proving again why he’s one of the most exciting new comics artists around. From a writing perspective this issue isn’t the most complex – Delilah’s alignment switch is the only major development and that came off as unfortunately kinda hokey – but from a visual angle the comic is really impressive.

The surroundings are warped and destroyed in interesting ways as these super-powered beings have at it, Luther pulls off a clever move to defeat one of the enemies, and even Petra gets in on the act with one of the goriest moments in the series so far (and that’s saying something!). There’s an energy here that feels like the characters are pushing against the constraints of the physical page and are threatening to burst out into the real world. Felipe Sobreiro’s colours continue to beautifully complement Moore’s remarkable artwork with some striking, bold choices.


Fans expecting the final part of The Twins backup series will be disappointed as it wasn’t finished in time for this issue though Moore promises a forthcoming resolution to their creepy tale.

The Legacy of Luther Strode #5 may not be the most cerebral comic you’ll read this week but you can’t deny how gorgeous and entertaining it is! Check it out if cray-cray horror violence with a Biblical twist and stunningly drawn art sounds like fun, and who doesn’t find that appealing, eh? In the next and final issue, Cain awaits in what I’m sure will be one helluva bloodbath of a closer – can’t wait!


Publisher: Image

Writer: Justin Jordan

Artist: Tradd Moore

Colourist: Felipe Sobreiro

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