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My Week in Comics – 09/07/2014

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My week in comics has no snappy opening line. Alons-y!


Grayson #1

Written by Tim Seeley and Tom King. Drawn by Mikel Janin. Coloured by Jeromy Cox.

You think you know Nightwing, but you don’t know Dick. Hur hur. This is actually pretty damn good. Dick Grayson as a spy on a mission to extract a dude from a train before the Russians get him. What more could you possibly want? Alright, how about some Mikel Janin art? It’s why I bought the comic. I first saw Janin’s art on Justice League Dark at the beginning of the New 52, and I’m pretty much on board for anything he draws at this point. This is a cool, exciting, occasionally psychedelic spy adventure, and a very fun comic to read.


American Vampire Second Cycle #4

Written by Scott Snyder. Drawn by Rafael Albuquerque. Coloured by Dave McCaig.

The Gray Trader’s attack on Pearl’s home continues in the horror epic. A lot more action and less plot than we’re used to, but it’ll probably read better in trade. Rafael Albuquerque’s art is sensational as ever, but by the astronomical standards of American Vampire, this issue is a little below par.


Infinity Man and the Forever People #2

Written by Keith Giffen and Dan Didio. Drawn by Tom Grummett. Inked by Scott Hanna. Coloured by Mike Atiyeh.

Um… I don’t like the art. Story’s fun, dialogue sounds right, but Tom Grummett’s art… it’s not even bad, it’s just so different to the tone that was established last month, it looks wrong. I’m still liking the comic, but a big part of what I loved about the first issue was that Kirby-style art. I would like to see that back next month please.


Constantine #16

Written by Ray Fawkes. Drawn by Edgar Salazar. Inked by Jay Leisten. Coloured by Tanya and Richard Horie.

Y’know, this comic is getting to be really enjoyable. Every month John shows up in a different part of the world, and has to deal with a different type of magic or fairy tale or horror monster or what have you. It gives each issue a freshness as we explore whole new worlds every month, whilst the underlying plot thread weaves its way through. Edgar Salazar’s art is pretty good, albeit John’s face looks a bit weird at times. Good comic.


Justice League United #3

Written by Jeff Lemire. Drawn by Mike McKone. Inked by Cam Smith and Guillermo Ortego. Coloured by Marcelo Maiolo and Andrew Dalhouse.

I’ve never been mad keen on multi-part “getting the team together” storylines, and this one is starting to drag. For a comic called Justice League United, we’re yet to see the team get together yet. Next month is the final chapter of this particular storyline, though, so we live in hope. The character bits are fun, Mike McKone’s art is typically good, and Marcelo Maiolo might well be my favourite colourist out there. Still worth reading, but it’ll be nice when they’re a Justice League and I can read a team book.


Batman Eternal #14

Story by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. Script by Tynion. Contributing writers Ray Fawkes, John Layman and Tim Seeley. Drawn by Jason Fabok. Coloured by Brad Anderson.

Fabok’s back! Yay! The Falcone/Penguin crime war comes to a stark, brutal conclusion as Batman Eternal reaches what I assume to be about the quarter-way mark in some style. Scarecrow gets terrified in Arkham, Red Robin finds a stowaway, and a character reveals their true colours. Batman Eternal is awesome.


The New 52: Futures End #10

Written by Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen. Drawn by Aaron Lopresti. Inked by Art Thibert. Coloured by Hi-Fi.

Another week, another issue. It’s not quite there yet, but it’s getting there. The interaction between a time-travelling Terry McGinnis and an incognito Tim Drake is very cool. I think you can probably trade-wait this. It’s good, but not essential.

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