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My Week in Comics – 23/07/2014 – Part 1

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My week in comics is vengeance. It is the night. It is #BatmanDay.


Batman #33

Written by Scott Snyder. Drawn by Greg Capullo. Inked by Danny Miki. Coloured by FCO Plascencia.

The Zero Year reaches its finale in magnificent style. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo may well have outdone themselves with this one. Certainly, it stands toe to toe with Court of Owls at the least. Fittingly for the Riddler, it concludes not with frenetic action, but with a battle of wills and wits. It’s exciting, it’s badass, and it’s very, very emotional. Capullo’s art is typically wonderful. I think I’m going to do a bigger piece on Zero Year, but I will say this – it stands with and matches Year One. It’s a spectacular comic.


Detective Comics #27 Free Batman Day Special

First story written by Bill Finger, drawn and inked by Bob Kane. Second story written by Brad Meltzer, drawn by Bryan Hitch, coloured by David Barron. Third story written by Scott Snyder, drawn by Sean Murphy, coloured by Matt Hollingsworth.

This is a collection of reprints – Bill Finger and Bob Kane’s classic first Batman story from Detective Comics #27 in 1939, Brad Meltzer and Bryan Hitch’s reinterpretation of it from Detective Comics #27 in January 2014 and Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s possible-future story Twenty-Seven from that same issue. They’re all good, and for free you can’t really go wrong.


Batman Eternal #16

Story by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. Script by Ray Fawkes. Consulting writers John Layman and Tim Seeley. Drawn by Dustin Nguyen. Inked by Derek Fridolfs. Coloured by John Kalisz.

Arkham Asylum is going to hell. Another Batman-lite comic (four panels all in), this week primarily follows Jim Corrigan and Batwing in the bowels of Arkham Asylum. Joker’s Daughter gets a very creepy scene with Batwing, and the reveal of who’s been causing all this is awesome. Dustin Nguyen’s art creates a very unsettling mood. After the crime war of the first fourteen issues, Batman Eternal looks to be taking a turn into a full-on horror story, and I can’t recommend it enough.


Batman ’66 #13

Written by Gabe Soria. Drawn by Dean Haspiel. Coloured by Allen Pasalaqua.

A Jeff Parker-free month, Gabe Soria delivers a pretty entertaining story in his absence. A dark, gritty TV show featuring Batman and Robin as violent vigilantes becomes a ratings smash, much to the chagrin of the upstanding, fully deputised officer of the law, Caped Crusader. It’s a very amusing, well-drawn comic. Not classic ’66, but good fun nonetheless.


Batman Beyond Universe #12

Written by Kyle Higgins and Christos Gage. Drawn by Thony Silas and Dexter Soy. Coloured by Emilio Lopez, Veronica Gandini and Guy Major.

Justice Lords Beyond reaches its epic conclusion in quite some style. There’s some really good character stuff in here which sets it apart from a generic “Justice League vs Evil doppelgangers” style of story, some thrilling action, and some genuinely moving plot threads. How can they top this? Well, the Phantasm is coming back next month…

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