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My Week in Comics – 23/07/2014 – Part 2

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My week in comics was so hefty I broke it up into two parts.


Superman #33

Written by Geoff Johns. Drawn by John Romita Jr. Inked by Klaus Janson. Coloured by Laura Martin.

Two issues in, this is the most fun I’ve had with a Geoff Johns comic since early in his Green Lantern run. The twin mysteries (who is Ulysses and who is behind the robots) are both compelling, there’s a lightness of tone which suits Superman wonderfully, and there’s a bittersweet touch to the final couple of pages which really tugs at the heartstrings. John Romita Jr’s art is sensational, and worth the price of the comic by itself. In just two issues, the Man of Steel’s main comic has become a must-read.


Wonder Woman #33

Written by Brian Azzarello. Drawn by Cliff Chiang. Coloured by Matthew Wilson.

Cliff Chiang is back, baby! The artist who defined the look of this comic is back for these final three issues of the current creative team’s run on Wonder Woman, and it’s spectacular. Seeing Diana’s disparate supporting cast fully united to battle the forces of the First Born is a thing of beauty, whilst the exchange between the two of them drips with menace and foreboding, with more than a little defiant hope thrown in for good measure. This comic has made me a Wonder Woman fan forever. I can’t praise it any more highly.


Dead Boy Detectives #7

Written by Toby Litt and Mark Buckingham. Drawn by Buckingham and Ryan Kelly. Coloured by Lee Loughridge.

Edwin, Charles and Crystal head to a windmill in the countryside to meet Charles’ living half-sister Clementine, now apparently a Buddhist monk, and her daughter Miranda, who is more than a little sceptical about the notion of her uncle the ghostly detective. Dead Boy Detectives is a smart, funny, great-looking comic, and I keep telling you how brilliant it is every month. Buy it!


The New 52: Futures End #12

Written by Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens and Jeff Lemire. Drawn by Jesus Merino. Inked by Dan Green. Coloured by Hi-Fi.

So this week’s issue was awesome. Badass action, great character moments, and a creepy, horrifying ending to DIE for. We open with Frankenstein, Hawkman and Amethyst fighting robots on a far-flung planet, and take a glimpse back into the far future last seen in #0 back in May. #12 is easily the best issue of this weekly comic so far. Let’s hope they can keep it up!

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