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WGMABPD Comic Book Podcast Episode 42 – Accent UK!

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This week our merry podsters are joined in the shed by David West and Colin

Mathieson of Accent UK. We talk about their humble Remembrance Day

beginnings in 2002, of the challenges of being various sized fishes in

various sized ponds, the joys of the con circuit and the role of the comic

shop. Plus, we chat about Accent UK’s output including the supernatural

cowboys of WesterNoir, the weregangsters of The Wolfmen, the superheroic

trope twists of The Accent and of their numerous anthologies such as

Remembrance Day, Robots, Zombies and more! On top of all that, David and

Colin tell us what they enjoy reading and give us a few recommendations….

“Indiana Jones with mice”??? SOLD!!!

Jingles are played, coffees are made and biccies are munched before we

delve into the realm of Comic Book Time where Dan & Dave give their usual

uninformed opinions on this week’s new releases. Oxymoron from Comixtribe

wears it’s influences very much on it’s blood splattered sleeve and has

Dave eager for more. Giant Days continues the first year university

adventures of Esther, Daisy & Susan and is, as ever, an absolute joy. DC

offered up a trio of goodies in the form of Robin: Son Of Batman, Black

Canary and Martian Manhunter. We thoroughly enjoy Howard the Human’s

adventures in Battleworld’s New Quack City in this one-shot from Scottie

Young and Jim Mahfood. Allies become enemies and have a fantastic scrap in

Valiant’s Book Of Death. Plus, Dave finds his perfect character to cosplay

in Kate Leth and Matt Cummings Power Up from Boom! Studios.

We would have then watched some trailers but we suddenly realise that its

already been 3 hours and we should probably call it a day. So we say its a

goodnight from me and me and me and me and me and all make our way home

(but not before Dan, Dave and Bones enjoy an episode of Yonderland).


Giant Days

Howard the Human

Robin Son Of Batman

Martian Manhunter

Black Canary

Power Up

Book Of Death






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