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WGMABPD Comic Book Podcast Episode 45 – Rachael Smith & Adam Cadwell

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We begin this weeks blurb with a kaiju sized apology.  A technical balls-up during

this weeks recording meant that we unknowingly lost the first hour or so of

the show.  This would be mortifying enough were it not for the fact we were

also joined by comic creators Rachael Smith and Adam Cadwell to talk about their

work…. alas, myth of that part of the show is now lost in the ether of a computer

hard drive but we’re buggered if we can find it. Instead, Dan and Dave have assembled

for an emergency podcast where we try and salvage what was discussed by reviewing

Rachael’s books I Am Fire, House Party and her brand new release The Rabbit (on Avery Hill) as well as

Adam’s Blood Blokes. We apologise profusely to Adam and  Rachael  and hope to make

it up to them in the future.  Anyway, somewhere within the

multiverse exists a podcast that should have gone a little something like this……

“This week are very pleased to welcome the incredibly talented “comicbook

power couple” (our words, not theirs) Rachael Smith and Adam Cadwell to The

Shed. Actually, we cannot tell a lie, we had to shedvacuate our usual

little wooden home and move inside the Big House due to the laptop plug

fizzing and sparking and generally threatening to kill us.

Anyway, once in the comfort of the indoors, and with wine, beer and Vimto

poured, we got down to some serious chitty chat about Rachael’s new release

The Rabbit as well as her previous books, House Party, The Way We Write and

I Am Fire and we get some sneaky insights into her next project. Adam

told us all about his Vampcunian house share six part series Blood Blokes

and the inspiration behind it as well as his earlier work on The Everyday.

(Yep, thats all the stuff we lost!)

We took a look at this weeks releases including the new and thoroughly

entertaining fantasy comedy-adventure quarterly Head Lopper by Andrew

MacLean, the world’s best-worst superhero team All-Star Section Ei8ht by

Garth Ennis and John McCrea and have our reality augmented by Faster Than


More Vimto was diluted with wine and a green haze falls upon the room as we

try and fail to end the show several times but we’re just having too much

fun to say goodbye. Alas, all good things must come to an end and it is

with heavy hearts and fuzzy heads that we finally wave Adam and Rachael off

as they prepare to begin their new lives in a Pennine hippy paradise. Good

luck guys! See you at T-Bubz!”



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