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Published on June 12th, 2015 | by Dan Melrose


WGMABPD Episode 32 – Down Periscope

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     The main thing I took from this weeks podcast, amongst the comics, the disaster with the new app, Periscope, the trailers, and the news, was the insufferably astounding fact that the Dave’s had not seen the classic movie, Enemy Mine, starring Denis Quad and Louis Gossett Junior. Not only this, but David Carden had never even heard of it! Armed with this knowledge, I know that I somehow have to correct a wrong. Perhaps I can send myself back through time, like that really shit Dr Who wannabe in the appalling shite-fest that looks to be DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

     These terrible, scarring events aside, we did manage to get through a shed-ton of comics. In no particular order, they are listed here for your delectation:

We can never go home, Sabrina, Miami Vice: Remix, The Caterer, Ichabod Azrael, Birthright, Copperhead, Chrononauts, Injection, The Mantle, Starve, Gotham Academy, All Star Section 8, Constantine, Starfire, Silver Surfer, Spiderverse, Weirdworld, Marvel Zombies, Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps, Ultimate End, 2099, 2000Ad, XO Manowar, Unity, & Insuferabble.

     I particularly enjoyed Trailer Time this evening. Not because any films particularly stood out, but because we took ourselves on a little trip down memory lane, and ended up paying our  condolences to the great Christopher Lee. Though I should list a few things, such is the purpose of this blurb. So I can say that we saw It came from the desert, Martian, Extinction, and DC’s Bell-ends of Tomorrow. We also discussed the fact that Bones was wrong about Ant Man. Just plain wrong.

     I do hope you enjoy listening to this weeks episode of WGMABPD. We certainly enjoyed making it.


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