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Wytches #2 – Review

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Following on from the fantastic and much lauded Issue 1, Wytches #2 ups the creep factor. Just look at the frigging cover. If that doesn’t have you scratching your skin, I don’t know what will. I can honestly say that “CHIT CHIT CHIT” has been in the back of my head since I read the opening pages of the first issue. Not many comic books leave a lasting impression so quickly, but this book is cementing a place as a must read for me after just two great issues. For someone who a) doesn’t really read monthly titles, preferring to wait for the trades and b) isn’t a massive fan of horror, this is a big deal. I think I’ve established that this book is great about now, right?


We open with an excerpt of the children’s book which we saw discussed in issue 1. This is all bright pastels and simple artwork, almost the complete opposite to the comic artwork by Jock.  Following this is a conversation between Charlie Rook (Sailor’s father) and his agent Reggie, as they discuss the forthcoming book. It’s clear that Charlie has been very much affected by something that has happened between the very end of issue 1 and now. In Lost flashback style, we are cast back to that creepy night in Sailor’s bedroom when Charlie finds her injured. Something has clearly happened to Sailor but what she tells her parents seems so unbelievable that they are questioning her current mental state and feel she may need to seek professional help.


As a child your parents not believing you is something that most of us have struggled with, especially when we are telling the truth this can be extremely frustrating, however for Sailor that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of her problems.  So far within just 2 issues she has been bullied (almost to the point of breaking), witnessed horrific scenes involving her tormentor which has lead to her moving schools and is once again being hunted.  As with any new kid in school her new classmates consider her “a big deal around here” even though all she wants to do is get the fuck on with her life.  It’s all taking it’s toll on Sailor and we see the cracks start to appear when she deals with her nosey classmate from issue 1 by telling  her that she did in fact kill her bully. This is when things start to get weird. Sailor can see something in the woods outside the school and tries to convince herself it is all in her mind.

We also see in this issue how Lucy Rooks (Sailor’s mother) was left unable to walk, her new role in the hospital and some very strange scenes. Jock’s unique style combined with Hollingworth’s kaleidoscopic colouring is both beautiful and bloody terrifying. This is used with great effect to show the reader when everything is delving off the deep end into a world of weird. The issue ends with all three members of the Rooks family, along with Reggie experiencing something otherworldly. This is the first time anyone other that Sailor has seen something so we can now rule out that is all in her mind. The final sentence in this issue is certainly going to leave you wanting more. Roll on December. Until then, I am sleeping with the lights on and the curtain closed.

Title: Wytches

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artists: Jock & Matt Hollingsworth

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