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Wytches #4 – Review

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HOLY…..You can’t let a comic end like that, Scott Snyder! Damn you, Sir! Damn you! Yes, Wytches #4 is out and what a stonker of an issue it is. If you have read any of my reviews of the previous three issues, then you will know I am a fan of this creepy-as-all-hell comic from Image. The supernatural element was turned up a notch at the end of the last issue but it isn’t so prevalent in this month’s offering, or should I say pledge?. This is much more a look into the mythology of our mysterious ‘Wytches’ as well as showing the bond between Charlie and Sail. A real old fashioned Father and Daughter story.

Wytches #4 art

We start, as ever, with a flash back and this time it is Charlie getting a bit of a talk from Sail. We don’t stay on this for long but it does reappear throughout the issue. It shows Charlie in a very different light, one which perhaps the reader won’t particularly like. He is much more vulnerable and flawed. Not the solid, kind and empathetic, yet maybe slightly too protective, Father we had seen in the previous three issues. The issue splits into two stories with us finally seeing where Sail was taken (and by whom/what) and with Charlie’s hunt to save her. Remember the creepy body-map thing from the last issue? Well that turns out to be true despite the fact that Lucy feels her husband is losing it a little. Charlie heads to the location his own personal body GPS showed him and low and beyond, the woman who assaulted him in his own home is waiting for him in a battered old house. This is where we start to find out a little bit more about our antagonists and what makes the tick.

Wytches #4 art

Whilst this is all going on, poor Sail is trapped underground on a huge pile of clothes. That cannot be a good sign. We see her flashing back to aforementioned scene with her father and Snyder neatly gets the two secnes to sort of marry up and show how Sail’s past informs her character now. She is a strong-minded and independent young woman. This is down to her up-bringing as well as witnessing horrific events. I really don’t want to give much more away about the plot as this book is just so fucking enjoyable. The clear bond between Charlie and Sail is very sweet without ever crossing over into saccharine. Lucy remains very much an ancillary character at the moment and I hope that changes in the upcoming issues. She plays just as an important role as Sail’s Mother and I hope it doesn’t forget about her and just focus on Father and Daughter.It goes without saying that Snyder is spinning a fantastic story here and it could honestly go off in any direction. He is creating his own lore and building a world with terrifying new creatures in them. There could be scores more of these things with different appearances and abilities. The sky is the limit.

Wytches #4 art

As for the art. Jesus, the art. Jock and Hollingsworth are a match made in heaven. The beautiful and bold work of Jock, married with the ridiculously ambitious and frankly hallucinogenic approach by Matt Hollingsworth makes this comic all that more frightening. I adore a lot of Jock’s work where it is just pencils and ink. This comic would not be half as creepy if it was black and white. It works for The Walking Dead but this book needs the layer upon layer of colour that Matt Hollingsworth applies to Jock’s inks. Seriously, if you aren’t on board with this book yet, the trade will be due in a few months, get it pre-ordered now. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Title: Wytches #4

Publisher: Image

Writer: Scott Snyder

Pencils: Jock

Trippy as all hell colours: Matt Hollingsworth

Letters: Clem Robins

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