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Wytches #5 – Review

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Well things are certainly hotting up in Wytches issue 5. The revelation at the end of issue 4 meant that Charlie is now battling whatever took Sailor, all by himself. Clearly, there is more than meets the eye to this apparent sleepy town, and with Snyder’s ability to flesh out a story, combined with the chilling art of Jock and Hollingsworth, I can’t help but get excited when I know the next issue of Wytches is out.

As ever with Wytches, we are shown two stories: the present day and something from the family’s past which overlaps thematically with the main narrative. In this case, we have Charlie and Sail at the hospital following Lucy’s accident, which ultimately leads to her being wheelchair bound. We have a lovely juxtaposition between both threads: the current day is Charlie trying to find Sail, almost pulling himself towards her, where in the hospital, Sail is pushing Charlie away, telling him that he isn’t the Dad he once was.

Wytches 5 artwork jock

The relationship between Charlie and Sail has certainly been the main focus of this series. Lucy has barely said anything and the only thing we really know about her is her occupation and the fact she was injured in a car accident. I imagine this is very much deliberate and I’m not sure if Snyder’s reason for the story was to show the love between a father & daughter and the horrible unknowns which could take them away. I certainly don’t think that comes from some patriarchal standpoint, more that all parents have a built in fear regarding their children. I highly recommend his story in the back, it definitely backs up my thoughts on loss and having children. In fact, if you haven’t, go back and read all of his stories and anecdotes in the back of Wytches. There is a reason this guy is one of the top storytellers in comics today.

Moving back to the story, Charlie certainly seems to have an epiphany in the present day as he figures that people within positions of power cannot be trusted. It’s an old trope but I enjoy it. How many of us have wondered if everyone around us is all in on something we aren’t? It’s about as helpless and alone as you can feel, unless of course you are a teenage girl stuck deep underground with creatures unknown to the rest of us. Speaking of which, we finally get a good look at the creatures responsible for all this brouhaha and we also find out what they are capable of. It would appear they can grant wishes and perform supernatural tasks, for the right price. They appear to be a tribe/community with very little except fire but you can’t help but assume they would considered an apex predator. Faster, stronger, better sense of smell, the ability to make creepy fucking noises. Yeah, that noise is still unsettling to me.

wytches 5 artwork

Overall, I think this issue was very much a set up for the grand finale. Or at least what I am assuming is the grand finale as it ends with “To Be Concluded”. I love the effort that all three of the team have put into this book and I imagine we might see further stories from this world with a more fleshed out backstory (remember the opening of issue 1?) or other families affect by these gangly bastards.

Wytches 5 cover

Title: Wytches #5

Publisher: Image

Writer: Scott Snyder

Pencils: Jock

Colours: Matt Hollingsworth

Letters: Clem Robins


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