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Wytches #6 Review

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And so it came to pass, Wytches’ first arc is at an end and Wytches #6 brings it home in style. As with every issue of Wytches, it opens with something completely different yet totally related to the peril the Rook family are currently in. In my past reviews for issue 1234 and 5, I have gone into a bit of detail with the plot but I really don’t want to do that. So that is all you are getting. It opens with a flashback and the flashback continues throughout. I will say this: Wytches #6 is a treat and the pace doesn’t drop for the entire issue. If the pacing of this issue was your heartbeat, it would be like you had just run 100 meters flat out. It is that damn fast. It took a couple of read throughs because I thought I had missed something. Not because of plot holes or errors. But because it just zipped by. It has closure but also is completely open-ended. They could move the story to entirely different family now or continue to focus on the Rooks. So yeah, pick this issue up or get the trade which is out in June.

Wytches 6 art

This first arc has been fantastic, terrifying, gut-wrenching and beautiful. I was absolutely drawn in by the first issue and I couldn’t wait for the next issue to drop. Then the next. And so on. I love it when a duo or trio keep working together on different titles. I hope that Snyder, Jock and Hollingsworth do that. Not that I want Wytches to end, but the idea of more collaborations with this particular team is a very exciting prospect.

In my last review I mentioned that Luce Rook hadn’t exactly been fleshed out in the series and that is addressed in this issue but not to the extent it should have been. I still had to scroll back through the book to find her name as I couldn’t remember it and it is barely mentioned. Even Snyder omits her from his essay at back, (if you haven’t, go back and read all the notes at the back. I hope all of them, including Hollingsworth’s art one is included in a hardback edition, but I digress). This is very much Charlie and Sailor’s story, which is clear to see after you’ve read this issue but I think she should have played more of a role throughout. It is a minor nitpick of mine at best.

Wytches 6 art

I hate, HATE that noise. Sends shivers down my back.

Snyder clearly writes this book as someone who like many, including me, has those dark fears about losing a child. As a Father who sadly gets to spend very little time with their child, this book struck a cord seeing Charlie and Sail’s relationship in both flashback and present day. It has certainly had its up and downs (both literally and figuratively) but it has always been about them. Never the three of them. Until this issue. 

Lets talk about the art for a bit. Oh, the fucking art. Jock and Hollingsworth go together perfectly. I have long adored Jock’s bold art and with Hollingsworth’s trippy and experimental colours, they have created something truly different and refreshing. I have see the odd complaint about it but I am glad they went with something original. That is to say, it is original to me (feel free to point me in the direction of similar styled books, I will happily read them!). They could have just coloured the book in a very traditional sense but I think it would have lost some of it’s creep factor.

Wytches 6 art

Yep. Darker. It certainly gets darker in Wytches #6

The three parts of this book: words, pencils and colours have formed an unholy trinity and it is absolutely gorgeous to look at. I say this and I have been reading it on my tablet. I can’t wait to see it in trade paperback. Call me old fashioned but I just prefer seeing the artwork when it isn’t backlit. Snyder, Jock and Hollingsworth have produced a terrifying and beautifully drawn world. I can’t wait to see what happens next.This book is the combined efforts of three highly talented individuals on the absolute top of their respective games. Long may it continue. I am pledged.

Wytches 6 cover

Title: Wytches

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Jock

Colours: Matt Hollingsworth

Letterer: Clem Robins

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