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Cosplanner App Review

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Cosplanner is a handy app for cosplayers that displays progress percentage, a list of items to buy and make, reference images and the cost summary all in one place. If you are anything like me, this level of organisation regarding your cosplay will make you drool. You can access and share a summary page at any point, which is going to have all the stats nicely written out. Upon completion of each costume, you will be given the option of adding any photo shoots done, events attended and prizes won as well as all photos of your cosplay. The app is available to download for free on both the App Store and Google Play. I used mine on an iPhone, let’s take a closer look at what it’s like.


I’d like to mention that the interface is quite pleasant and very easy to use. With each cosplay you add, it asks you the character’s name, the name of the series and the date you started your cosplay (which proved very difficult when I was backlogging my older costumes, so I had to estimate, making me annoyed it’s not 100% accurate. Brain, you funny thing). Once that’s done, you add a list of items to buy, including their cost, and items to make, which will then have an individual record of time spent and progress made. Now, the problem I found with this divide is that you can’t link the two. For instance, if I am making a top and buying all the elements for it, I can’t group these together on the page. I also found it rather frustrating that you can’t add notes to individual items, there is just one general “notes” tab at the bottom of the page, which I seemed to forget about when using the app.

The reference images section is really useful. Not having to go through your entire camera roll to check the colour/shape/size when buying things is very satisfying. As is the summary page, which among other things shows progress percentage, the amount of time spent working and *dun dun duuun* the total cost of your cosplay.

Let’s say now, you have finished your costume, so it’s time to hit the “Finalize” button (it will only allow you to do so if the progress is 100%). The app will congratulate you on completing your cosplay and let you add events like conventions, contests, parties and photo shoots along with photos and the slightly confusing “achievements”. I’m happy with awards from cosplay competitions being here, but the description says an achievement could be that “your cosplay became the favourite of your best friend”. Considering how minimalistic the app is, I find it quite amusing when it suddenly has a Dear Diary moment. Regardless, it is nice to have a list of all these things along with a selection of photos and the final summary. It lists the start and finish dates and the totals of the costume elements, time and money spent, events, photo shoots and achievements.

Cosplanner is free to download as I’ve said, however the free version limits you to a silly 20 cosplay elements, 5 reference images, 5 final images etc. You can increase these numbers by buying an extension pack for what I think was £0.69 on the App Store, which isn’t a huge amount of money but does mean you will have to pay some to be able to realistically use this app. You can also get rid of the advert banner at the bottom of the page for £1.49. Other things that bugged me are the aforementioned item grouping and the notes section placement. However, the biggest problem I found is once you finalise a cosplay, you can’t add any more items or work hours to that costume. Considering a lot of the time I will go back and change, improve or correct things, this is quite a big issue that the developers will hopefully fix.

I would definitely recommend Cosplanner to fellow cosplayers. Let’s hope some issues will get fixed in the update scheduled for December (should be released soon then), for it is a great little app, overall satisfying and very easy to use.

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