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Cosplayer Of The Month – Sketch Mc-Draw

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What was your first cosplay?

My first cosplay was Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII:Crisis Core in 2010, It was the first I had ever really worked with fabrics making the belts and straps as well as having a go at prop making with the Bustersword.


What was your first convention?

My first convention was London MCM October 2010, I only went for the Saturday but enjoyed it so much and felt like a kid in a sweetshop with all the stalls selling collectibles and all the amazing costumes people were wearing.

How did you get into cosplay?

A friend of mine invited me to go along with her to MCM Expo and suggested that I should cosplay, I had never been to a Con or heard of the term Cosplay before so she explained what it was all about and It sounded right up my street. So I spent the summer making my first costume and enjoyed the challenge of bringing one of my favourite characters life as well as working with materials I had never used before, I had no idea what I was doing to be honest haha. Fast forward to the day of the Con, I was so nervous as I didn’t know what to expect at the venue as was worried how well my costume would be received, fortunately it went down quite well with all the other cosplayers and attendees – I got stuck in one spot for 40mins with a few other FFVII cosplayers due to all the people taking pictures of us. Needless to say I haven’t looked back since.


What is your dream cosplay?

My dream cosplay if time and money wasn’t an issue would have to be the Playarts Kai action figure version of Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid, he’s my favourite character from the series, I love his backstory and he just looks so bad ass!

What cosplay or prop are you most proud of?

That’s a hard one as I’m fairly proud of all most of my costumes and props for different reasons, though I would have to say that one of the props I am most proud of was the M-98 Widow Rifle from the Mass Effect series. It was my first ever prop commission and took about 3 months to complete, It was a really enjoyable build and I was really proud of how well It turned out as well as hearing about how much interest it had gathered at the Con when my friend used it with his costume.


What is your favourite material to work with?

I don’t have a favourite material as I like to use quite a few different types of materials during a project to achieve the desired result. I’d say the material I tend use a lot when making a sword or gun based prop Is MDF wood, as it’s easy to work with as it doesn’t have a grain so is great for cutting out shapes from and is easy to sand and filler. Other materials I like working with are Chavant (Oil based clay) for sculpting, RTV Silicone for moulding and Polyurethane Resin for making casts of the pieces I’ve moulded.

What is your favourite convention and why?

I don’t have a favourite convention as I find that I enjoy lots of cons for different reasons, the bigger cons such as MCM Expo I enjoy as they have a wide range of stalls and I get to hang out with a lot of friends that I don’t usually as they live far away, while I like some of the smaller cons such as London Film Comic Con tend to cater to a more specific fan base and mainly focus on Western based media.

Best cosplay moments?

I’d say my favourite cosplay moment were wining ‘Best in Show’ at the London MCM Expo Masquerade with my Kuma costume from Afro Samurai and representing the UK at the ECG 2013 Finals in France as it was an amazing experience.


Worst cosplay moments?

The only one that comes to mind was making Raziel for the ECG Finals – It was a very stressful time for me as I was finishing my 2nd year of University and had coursework that needed to be finished along with reflective reports and worked most evening and weekends, so I didn’t have much spare time to work on my cosplay. I had to make up for the lost time by pulling several all-nighters in row and when I did sleep it would only be for 5hrs so I could get up early and carry on making the costume and stage props – I did this for 3 weeks straight up to the day I left for France. When I got back home I was so exhausted that I crashed out and slept for 2 days, it’s an experience I don’t want to repeat if I can help ever help it.

What is your next big project?

I have 2 big projects this year – My current project is to remake my Winter Soldier costume from scratch and make it film accurate, which will be a challenge as I don’t have much experience making garments from scratch, as well as making/sourcing all his weapons. The other big cosplay I have planned for 2nd half of this year is to make Jackie Estacado’s full Darkness armour from ‘The Darkness’ comics as I’m a big fan of the series and it will be my first full armour build.


Any tips for new cosplayers?

When you’ve decided on who/what you want to cosplay as the first important step is to do lots of research. You’ll need to find lots of decent reference pictures of the character from different angles such as stills from the film or game, concept art and pictures of the official action figure. Once you have enough images can start planning on how to go about making it and if you’re not sure on how to go about making parts don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family, and if you need to know something specific you can always ask in online forums or look up tutorials online posted by other cosplayers via their blogs or youtube channels. Once you’ve made your costume the most important thing you need to remember about this hobby – have fun and enjoy yourself.

Do you have Facebook page, Twitter or Youtube?

I do indeed, you can find me on:

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