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Cosplayer Of The Month – Kyahri

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This month Kyahri is our Cosplay of The Month! This girl is basically a real life Jinx! Her version of this character is perfect, and I love it. She makes a super cute Ahri to! I had so much fun at MCM in May with her, she’s a lovely girl.

October – Kyahri


What was your first cosplay?

Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara was my first ever cosplay back in 2010. It was so bad. The first costume I ever hand made was Ahri from LoL in 2013.


What was your first convention?

A smallish convention in Dundee, Scotland called D-con in 2011.

How did you get into cosplay?

Started watching anime and seen things online about people wearing the characters costumes out and to conventions and wanted to try it! My friend was the one who really introduced me to it though, we both went to our first cosplay meet together in 2010.

What is your dream cosplay?

Probably Morgana or Cassiopeia from League of Legends and I don’t watch anime much anymore but I’ve always wanted to cosplay Kougyoku Ren’s Djinn Equip from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

Kougyoku Ren’s Djinn Equip

Kougyoku Ren’s Djinn Equip

What cosplay or prop are you most proud of?

Im proud of my Ahri cosplay because it was my first handmade costume & proud of my Jinx cosplay because so many people give me nice comments about it. Im also quite proud of my Asuna Titania cosplay because I literally made it on a whim with some old fabric and it turned out well. xD


 What is your favourite martial to work with?

I really like worbla but its expensive. I don’t really have a favourite yet because I keep trying new materials to work with every time I make a new cosplay.

What is your favourite convention and why?

Kitacon is probably the best convention I’ve been to so far because its just an all weekender cosplay party fest. SOOO much fun and I met so many amazing friends.

I was drunk and couldn’t decide what to cosplay, and this happened…

Jinx Kyarhi

Best cosplay moments?

When I won 2nd place in a small cosplay competition and hitting 10k likes on my cosplay page!!

Worst cosplay moments?

Anything from 2010-2012. I was such a weeaboo it embarrasses me so much.

What is your next big project?

Im working on a few Jinx cosplays at the moment but id say my next BIG cosplay is probably my Ahri re-make, as I want to make her cinematic design because its gorgeous!

New Arhi


Any tips for new cosplayers?

Dress as a character you love and you will have much more fun! If you are a beginner at sewing and want to hand-make a cosplay, pick something simple at first and work your way up! Im still an amateur but I love how I learn new techniques every new cosplay I make!

Do you have Facebook page, Twitter or Youtube?

My Facebook is

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