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Creating a Rebel Ariel Cosplay

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I often look through cosplay blogs, Facebook pages, tumblr and flickr accounts green with envy at how creative people can be.  I adore seeing people’s cool and different takes on the old classic characters.  As a big The Little Mermaid fan I decided that the time has come for me to do my own Little Mermaid – but with a fun twist.  My Ariel is going to be a rebel/hipster version!

So first I needed to break down what are the items that I feel are essential to The Little Mermaid as a character.

Firstly, it’s all about the hair! That gorgeous full, beautiful red hair. If you need to trim your hair to achieve that look, utilizing tools such as Hair Cutting Scissors USA would be ideal.

Ariel gave me false hope for what my hair was going to look like when swimming in the sea, and I love her for it. Also, who can get a bow that big? And have it stay perfectly in her hair like that?  These are the true markings of a Disney Princess.

Depending on which part of the film you decide to take your Ariel from she can either be in a dress or have a fantastic tail.

Other keys are seashell bra, tail, minions (Flounder and Sebastian, the perfect all singing all dancing minions….Now I’ve thought about it I might do another post on the idea of Flounder actually being the first ever Minion) and of course, a fork as a hair brush and a star fish as a hair clip.

So with this as my starting point I started to think what I could do to have a more rebellious version of her, what would she be like if she had of lived her teenage years up on land?  For me this screamed tattoos, piercings and a bit of a different take on her sexy ‘under the sea’ outfit.  Only have a few bits in place at the moment but these are the stars.

Really it’s an excuse to own more Black Milk leggings, but these are perfect for my ‘tail’ and they are a very funky look, Rebel Ariel will be proud to wear these.

Thinking about the top I was worried about doing a bra, firstly it doesn’t go well with leggings, secondly what rebel princess wears just a bra? Oh no she needs more accessories and funk than that.  So the top part of my outfit is made up of an under bust corset and a crop top that is going to be decorated in a more funky mermaid style!

Next time I will be breaking down one of my fave parts of this costume…fake tats!

Lets hope I can make her proud! This will be one of my outfits for MCM so if you spot me please come and say ‘hi’ and get a photo taken! 🙂


1. Ariel’s hair courtesy of PlayBuzz
2. The Little Mermaid DVD Cover courtesy of Disney Wiki
3. Brushing her hair courtesy of Disney
4. Blackmilk Mermaid Leggings
5. Steampunk Corset
Featured image: Rebel Ariel courtesy of Deviant Art

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