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The Food And Cosplay Top 20-ish Gallery

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If you are a cosplayer who frequents any of the myriad comic conventions in the UK, there is a high chance that someone from Food and Cosplay has taken a photograph of you. They are a warm and friendly team with original ideas on how to capture the character the cosplayer is portraying, perfectly. I’ve gotten to know the founder of Food and Cosplay or Eddie as he is known to everyone else, and he has finally let me showcase his favourite images. These are ones that he personally enjoys. It isn’t about the quality of the costume, or the cosplayer but just the moment captured for eternity. Can you guess who his favourite character is?We have linked to Facebook pages or Twitter accounts where possible so if you want to see more from these cosplayers, just try clicking their name!

FnC: Just wanted to say, this was a hard task just to show case 20 of my photos.  Hopefully I’ll get another opportunity to showcase more of my work here.  A lot of these have stories either behind the photo or the actually cosplayer themselves.

1. Catwoman by TequilaKyleCosplay

Tequila Kyle was one of the first person to ask for photo shoot from myself, which I feel very honoured that I was asked and probably the kick start I need to do more photo shoot. This photo, was my first “night shoot” and I learnt lots of things from that session.  I always like working the TK and her Catwoman costume.

2. Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn by KiaMaria Cosplay

I’ve not added this photo just because they are part of the NTC team.  I’ve added this one, because of my liking of the Harley Quinn-Poison Ivy combo. When I was looking back at my work, this photo represented the same the loving friendship HQ-PI have for each other as well as Kia and Maria.  Plus, I will never hear Spice Girl songs in the same way again.

3. Spider-Man by Oli Mansfield Cosplay

I love when cosplayers come up to me with idea (as I do on many occasion, have a blank expression when coming up with ideas). When he  wanted a jumping photo, I just had to “jump” at a chance of that.  After a few tries I got the winning shot.

4. Lilith by Pipa Wolf Cosplay

I’m always stunned when cosplayers I respect or admire come to me wanting photos from me, I really do a double take and make sure I read that correctly.  When I saw the progress work for Pipa’s Lilith from Darksiders 2, it just blew me away.  When I met her and saw the hanging chain, I just had to snap this pose.

5. Joker by Chris Stone

I’m always trying to get as many alternative angle/perspective of the same photo and when I changed the focus point from cosplayer to the playing card, I just love the results I got.

6. Charizard by Mojo Jones

Followers to my page may know her face.  She is my comic con partner in crime, MoJo Jones.  We seem to always spend time together at the same comic con and eventually shoot some photos.  This photo, all told took a few hours to make but I love it because you instantly know its Charizard from Pokémon.  Also the pose and roar is so “dynamic’ to me.

7. Gotham Sirens by Nancy Berbanksy, Isobel Gathercole & One Round Panda Cosplay

I do like my Gotham cosplayers….but that is another story.  When taking their photo, I just caught the reflection in the water in front of me and instantly took a photo of it. I would love to spend more time taking reflective photos.

8. Iceman by Cronus Might

I didn’t realise after taking this photo and changing the colours, how striking this photo became.  I swear I spent a few moments just staring at how clean and crisp the photo came out and how much detail there was in the face.

9. Claire Bennet (Heroes) by DistractoGal

She’s not dead, I swear.

Again, another moment where the cosplayer came up with the idea of bending her body into this position.  I was amazed how no one stopped and checked on her.  At the time, I was equally freaked out with how she could do that and trying to snap a photo which brought out the best in her.

10. Green Arrow by Swarley Whitlock

Just looking at this, it feels like it was taken straight from the Arrow TV series.

11. Catwoman by CatlinCosplay

With that distinctive look and walk, under the low lights it almost feels to me like it was taken straight from The Dark Knight Rises.

12. Harley Quinn by Nancy Berbanksy

I’m trying to do more replica photos and when this was suggested, I just couldn’t possibly turn it down.  The results of the photo is a play on the cover for The Killing Joke.

13. Zombies by Clive Double 

Whenever I see zombies like this through the cameralens, their movements freaks me out. I do try and stay professional and grab the photo before running off screaming!

14. Joker & Harley Quinn by Insanity Incorporated & Hull Harley

I try to vary where I take photos and one idea I keep doing are one done within a crowd.  So when I suggested they kissed, this full on passionate came from nowhere so I just quickly snapped it. With the leg up and the arched pose, it just sent shivers down my spine.

15. Gyarados by Smallfry Creations

I just love that this is an accurate representation of the Gyarados and not a humanised version.

16. Harry Potter by BeyondBelieving Cosplay

I’m not a huge fan of Harry Potter, but when I saw the photos during editing, I was stunned how clean and crisp the photo came out. I even convinced myself it was from the movie still (hey, one can dream).

17. Harley Quinn [Seriously Eddie? Another one? – Duke] by Kerraldine

Just one of my favourite Harley cosplayers ever and when I saw her posing like this, I just couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. I had to grab as many photos as possible. If there was ever someone who had the “look” of Harley, it’s Kerraldine!I particularly love the pose and facial expression. In fact it was my phone background for a while but it became embarrassing when Kerraldine saw it and went “what the hell?!” I like to think that was a sign of respect and not creepiness.

18. Princess Mononoke & Moro by Shadow Phonenix Cosplay

Just two of the friendliest cosplayer I love to work with.  This was our first time working outside of a comic con and this is just my favourite photo from that day.

19. Flareon Gijinka by Aranel Cosplay

I love the detail on converting this Pokémon into human form and the interpretation made. Such a stunning design. Just another reason why I love this community so much.

20. Moira O’Hara (American Horror Story) by Jemzamia Cosplay

This is Jemzamia as the maid from American Horror Story.  Taking the shot from above and the look she is giving, set the tone and mood of what we were trying to get.

21. Last Of Us by Melissa Poole, Sophia Whitelaw, Katherine Blinkhorn, Tom Mills & Chris Ngai

I will admit, at first I was focusing at the wrong person, but what I was seeing in my camera looked better than what I was originally going to take.  I like to think I’m very flexible when it comes to my photography!

22. Mulan by Anna S Cosplay

*No that is not me there!*

This was a spur of the moment photo shoot at a comic con and Anna gave me so many tips to add to my photography.  I like to think that this photo looks like it was taken in China or from the film itself.



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