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The Red Bairn Photography Top 20-Ish Cosplay Gallery

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You may not know who Red Bairn Photography is but you really ought to know. He’s a very talented photographer and videographer based in Aberdeen, Scotland specializing in event, performance and portraiture, as well as dipping into the cosplay side of photography. He strives in capturing true life moments and representing them as clear and striking images! Here are some of his favourite cosplay photos that he personally enjoys. We have linked to Facebook pages or Twitter accounts where possible so if you want to see more from these cosplayers, just try clicking their name!

RBP: The photos aren’t in any real “favourite” order and I’m not sure if these are my best photos, but certainly a selection of the ones that stand out with a bit of meaning to me.

1. Imperial Scottish Squad, UK Garrison & 501st Legion as Ralph McQuarrie Concept Troopers

In 2013, Star Wars Celebration came back to Europe in the form of “Celebration Europe II” Hosted in Messe Essen, Germany. I spent a very long weekend with the Imperial Scottish Squad, UK Garrison & 501st Legion costuming groups taking as many photographs as I could. I was fortunate enough to be asked to follow this group of troopers who were the worldwide first Ralph McQuarrie concept art troopers. I was even luckier to be asked to go back stage with them after Dave Filoni had just presented the first look at Star Wars: Rebels in front of a packed auditorium. This was definitely one of those “Please don’t make a mess of this” moments.

2. Judge Nodes

I absolutely adore costumers who completely embody the character they’re portraying. In this instance I completely believed in Judge Nodes (Steve Noden) and his willingness to put me away in the Iso Cubes if I didn’t catch his best side.

3. Jo Marriott as Xena: Warrior Princess

Some people are born to be certain characters and Jo IS Xena. If you ask her nicely, she’ll even do the battle cry for you

4. Juggernaut & Storm

Unfortunately, I never caught the name of these two really impressive X-Men costumers outside LFCC last summer. They instantly stopped as soon as I approached them to ask for a photograph and dropped flawlessly into character.

5. The Mighty Cushion as Batman

The Mighty Cushion asked if I’d like to take some photos of his recently finished Batman costume. Needless to say I jumped at the chance

6. Dean from UK Garrison as General Grievious

They said it couldn’t be done, but Dean stood up and proved that it could be done. Static images don’t do this costume justice

7. Peter from UK Garrison as C3PO

Peter is literally screwed into potentially the most restrictive, claustrophobic and visually impressive costumes I’ve ever seen. His mannerisms whilst out in costume are absolutely perfect!

8. UK Garrison as Ape Pilots

Whilst on some down time from official business with the UK Garrison, three of the guys who are also Planet of the Ape costumers took to the convention hall to cause some havoc in these cross over costumes.

9. Colin from Reel Icons as Indiana Jones

Colin plays a perfect Indy, complete with a wide array of props. So when I asked to set up this shot he even came with his own small bag of sand.

10. Colonial Marines

The Marines are always on hand to look incredibly cool in costume, striking a pose with the mere hint of a camera being pointed in their direction.

11. Doc Brown and Marty McFly

Rocco and Leo Weir happen to have some of the coolest parents around. Fact.

12. Aretsaya Cosplay as Astrid

By now you’ll have noticed that I absolutely love costumers that ARE the character they’ve dressed as. Lauren captures Astrid’s attitude perfectly

13. War Doctor

Unfortunately I didn’t catch the costumers name here, but he captured the essence of John Hurt’s character tremendously.

14. Rod from Imperial Scottish Squad as Bobba Fet

I’ve a love hate relationship with Boba Fett. The character really does nothing for me, but the look of the costume is undeniably good looking. Believe it or not, I built a complete backdrop for this photo set which was supposed to be a promotional shoot for the Darth Vader costumer. Neither of which are really obvious in this shot…

15. Matthew from Reel Icons as Loki

Matthew with the help of a fantastic sculptor put together this brilliant costume that would make a lot of people bow. I’ll admit to being on one knee whilst taking this.

16. Reel Icons as Planet of the Apes Chimps

It’s amazing how much character and emotion can be portrayed by the eyes alone, but these two from the Reel Icons are wonderful.

17. James from Reel Icons as Alien

With a bit of mood lighting an already sinister looking costume can look incredibly creepy. James has a great Alien costume.

18. Marc from UK Garrison as Delta Squad Boss

Marc seen here at the National Space Center in Leicester. As is always the way, this was a quick off the cuff shot before we’d set up the larger group shot in the background.

19. Mark from Imperial Scottish Squad as Stealth Scout

Before Mark put this costume together, I’d never even heard of the Stealth Scout. For once, the awkward mixed incandescent and florescent lighting in an atrium worked out in my favour

20. Kirsty and Dominic from Shadow Phoenix Cosplay as Diablo 3 Barbarians

Kirsty and Dominic put together a brilliant couple of Barbarians from my favourite game series. Outstanding work.

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