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30 Films In 30 Days – Catching Up With The Rest Of Society

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During the month of May I will be completing a challenge I have set myself, to watch 30 films in 30 days; some of you may be aware of this from 3Bods1Pod.  For about two years I’ve had a list of films and TV I want or need to watch, so I have picked 30 of these to view consecutively.  All of them I should have watched, some of them for cultural reasons and some because I want to watch them.  Now I know I have seen parts, of some of them, or have seen them when I was very young and don’t remember it and didn’t get round to re-watcing it, I’m not one for re-watching content, once is normally enough for me as 0I feel like i’m wasting time by watching the same thing twice when I could be wathcing something new.  Many on this list will probably be a shock to some of you reading this ‘how have you not seen Karate Kid, or Star Wars or Forest Gump?’ but mostly these are films I just never got round to. Growing up we weren’t a film family, however we did love Bagpuss and The Yellow Submarine, and I didn’t have an influence in my life to push these things at me.  So this is me trying to write my wrongs, and catch up with the rest of you.


Each week I will write an update on what i’ve watched and what I thought, i’ll also be tweeting as I go (@CChapmanVisuals) with hashtag #NTC30in30 .  Pleas do let me know what you think of the list below and tell me if you feel I have missed anything off or something doesn’t need to be on there:

2001: A space Odyssey
American Psycho
Batman Begins
Blade Runner
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Captain America, Winter Soldier
Citizen Kane
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Dr. Strangelove
Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
Forrest Gump
Good Will Hunting
Indiana Jones (original trilogy)
Jurassic Park
Karate Kid
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
Pans Labyrinth
Rain Man
Raging Bull
Rambo I
Rocky I
Silence of the Lambs
Star Wars (original trilogy)
The Terminator

On Friday May 1st I will be starting with Batman Begins.

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