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30 Films In 30 Days – Week One

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The last week saw me watching seven films I should have watched, and also receiving a lot of bewildered comments from friends including one who asked on Twitter ‘Is this a joke?’ During the week I was confused, excited, sad and laughed out loud, the films I watched in order were:
Batman Begins
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Star Wars: A New Hope
Captain America: Winter Soldier
Good Will Hunting
American Psycho

I really enjoyed this week of viewing, Batman was superb with good fights, a short origin story and is now my second favourite Christopher Nolan Batman film (behind Dark Knight), however I felt the first hour was rushed, as if some time needed to be cut from the film so they compressed the first hour; I also felt the Scarecrow should have had more of an appearance, even though he was a secondary villain behind Ra’s al Ghul.


Primer was incredibly confusing, I think I understood what was happening but the frequent talking over each other when explaining what they were dong, in only words NASA scientists understand, I got the gist of it but was unsure sometimes; until you see Abe’s double walk into the storage unit.  The film was well directed in terms of camera but the shifts in white balance and exposure were irritating.

In all honesty I think The Winter Soldier was my favourite of the week, it started off strong and got better and better, I’m unsure if I prefer it to the Avengers movies but It is definitely a strong contender for my favourite Marvel film.  I enjoyed the development of Cap’s character, and the occasional throwback to how he is out of touch with the current world.  His relationship with Natasha was fun to watch too, at times seeming like siblings (bickering, poking fun at each other) and other times almost couple-like ‘was that your first kiss since 1945?’


I didn’t know what to expect from Good Will Hunting, all I knew was Matt Damon’s character ‘Will Hunting’ was in therapy with Robin Williams’ character ‘Sean Maguire’; as I had seen a couple of scenes from the film previously (Sean’s wife farting in her sleep, and ‘Its Not Your Fault’).  I thought this film was fantastic and I really enjoyed seeing their relationship develop, initially Will would wind up Sean, asking if he’d married the wrong woman, which ends in Robin Williams gripping Matt Damon by the throat.  But it would seem Sean wanted more and thought he could crack Will, however I believe they both got something out of the therapy sessions.  maxresdefault

Lastly this week I watched American Psycho, starring Christian Bale, who performs a superb rendition of a psychopathic killer, for me it was similar to Showtime’s Dexter, so naturally compared the two a little when watching.  Firstly I wondered why anyone would like, or want to spend time with, Patrick Bateman, who is clearly a narcissistic douche-bag so hung up on his owns desires, he cares very little for anyone else; then again, so was nearly every other character except the prostitute, that he likes to call ‘Christie’.  I thought the film was lacking in some direction and felt a little lost at times, unsure of which way it was supposed to be going; I’ve heard the book is better.


Finally this week I watched two major sections to my list: Star Wars: A New Hope and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I will watch the other four films related to these in the future but I have only got to these so far.  My expectation for these films were obviously high, after being told countless times they were classics and it’s shocking I hadn’t seen them.  I knew the story for both of these films going in, Star Wars mainly because i’ve seen Family Guy’s ‘Blue Harvest’ but also because both films are so still so integrated into today’s culture.  They were both excellent and what I was expecting, but I do feel some of their spunk, I was promised by the countless fans, was slightly lost on me; probably due to the high expectations I held and the fact i’m not watching them in their prime; please don’t hate me for that, I did enjoy them.

Please do keep following on Twitter where I’m live tweeting my thoughts as I watch, and comment on what you think of what I’ve seen and said so far.  See you next week.

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