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30 Films In 30 Days – Week Three

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This week I ran into a barrier of film availability, and nearly ran out of things to watch, which lead to only being able to watch four films this week unfortunately; but my plan is to catch up on my ‘debt’ this weekend and watch as many as possible; I’ll keep you all posted on Twitter.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

First of all this week I watched ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ which was a very odd film, sort of about a sports writer (Johnny Depp), but mostly about how high him and his lawyer-friend (Benicio Del Toro) can get in free hotel rooms.  Personally I felt the film was just odd and felt far too long, with minimal story.  It does however have some interesting visuals and good acting.

Next was my favourite film of the week ‘Silence of the Lambs’ with Anthony Hopkins playing incarcerated serial killer/cannibal ‘Hannibal Lecter’.  I didn’t know much about this film going in, which we spoke about in Episode 68 of ‘3Bods1Pod’, meaning I was totally unbias watching this film.  I assumed the film was Hannibal’s story being told and being chased by the Police but it’s set after that, which him helping the Police catch a different killer known as ‘Buffalo Bill’.  The film felt a bit like Se7en meets Usual Suspects to me, and I enjoyed the film throughout, it was very clever, well directed and also meant I understood the Family Guy cutaway of  Chris Griffin impersonating Buffalo Bill to the song ‘Goodbye Horses’ by Q Lazzarus – that scene is even creepier now.

ScarfaceI had to split Scarface up over three days unfortunately due to work commitments and it being nearly three hours long.  I honestly didn’t care for the film that much, but I also don’t care for the Godfather trilogy, maybe there’s a link there.  I thought the film was too long, but somehow felt like it quickly jumped from Tony Montana being a street thug, to being a kingpin of Walter White proportions.  Apologies to any die hard fans who feel I am wrong, but it’s not for me; however it did give em an urge to play Grand Theft Auto.


Finally on Thursday I watched Rambo: First Blood, I again didn’t know the story of Rambo so was going in without any pre-concieved ideas; all I knew of the story was from watching a video online a few weeks ago of a Best Man who organised a Grooms very own Rambo Day for a stag do.  I really enjoyed this, it was well made (except for a few bad cuts) and was a good action film; and in terms of sides, I’m on Rambo’s side, the Sheriff had no reason to arrest him, and did in fact draw blood first.

As the month comes to a close I have around 14 films left to watch but I still plan on finishing them all before the month is over, I am also already compiling a new list of more films, so I may be doing this again in the future.  Again keep following me on Twitter to see how I’m getting on, especially as I’m attempting to catch up on my ‘film debt’ this weekend; and I’ll be back next week.

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