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Adrift: People Of A Lesser God – Review

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Here at NtC Towers, my job is mainly to ramble on about cult and horror films. I cover the schlocky, the gory, the silly. And then Adrift: People Of A Lesser God landed on my desk.


Adrift tells the story of  Dominique Mollard, a Pulitzer-prize winning documentary maker, attempting to follow Africans trying to illegally emigrate into Europe. But this is only the top level. By his mission he is trying to tell the story of every immigrant, of every desperate person attempting the frustrating, slow and fatal crossing. The culmination of the film is Dominique himself on-board a small trafficking outrigger, spending days crossing the hundreds of miles of sea with 30 other immigrants. Dominique himself never appears on screen, focussing instead on the people he meets, interacts with and follows.


The film is frustrating and heartbreaking in equal measures. Whilst the film does touch on the reasons for the mass migration, historical and social, this is often brushed over. Also, the film does fail to really tackle the people behind the trafficking, we hear stories of smugglers getting paid and disappearing but no more. But where the film does succeed is in telling the story of the migrants. The film is frustrating because their lives are frustrating. The film does great work to capture the terror of their lives, the bleakness of their hopes against the vibrancy of their lives in West Africa. This film did open my eyes to the lives of others in way that few do.


Ultimately, Adrift moved me. The hopelessness of the people featured is palpable, it’s powerful. We live in relative safety and comfort in Europe, far removed from the struggles of those we affected in our history, those we invaded, those we left behind. These are not tales we hear, stories we see. This is a powerful piece of cinema, raw and uncompromising. It is worth sticking through the less structured narrative for the eventual pay-off.

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