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Big Hero 6 – Review

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In which Disney make you fall in love with a giant cuddly robot…

As with any Disney Animation film, BIG HERO 6 comes with a pedigree of quality but also astronomical expectations. Luckily, it delivers in spade loads.

Before we head into the review proper, no review of this film would be complete without a mention of the  short that precedes the main feature. This time we are treated to FEAST, the tale of a hungry dog and it’s owner. These animated shorts are often used as a testing ground for new ideas and technology and FEAST is striking in it’s look, bringing together a cell-shaded look with their archetypal 3D. Not only that, but it wears it’s big heart on it’s very adorable sleeve. A wonderful treat to kick off the movie.


So onto the main attraction, BIG HERO 6. It is the tale of a child-genius robotics expert, Hiro and his adventures to turn a medical assistant robot (Baymax) into a superhero. Along the way we meet the usual parade of Disney supporting acts, the overly chatty and loving aunt, the diverse robotic students and a memorably unimpressed policeman.


The power of any animated film comes from the combination of two main elements, technical excellence and real dramatic stories. Both are evident here, but I’ll deal with the former first. Whilst the explosion of 3D animation is behind us with each leap forward in tech being smaller and smaller, it is certainly clear to see some improvement in the visuals. Characters hair have never been more clear and the animation of the vinyl Baymax is excellent, but the inclusion of the Microbots in the story did feel a bit like a toy they have discovered in the toolkit rather than a story-driven idea. At the end of the day, the best thing I can say about the animation is that you don’t notice it, which may be the highest praise available.

big-hero-6-villain (3)

And so onto the story itself. Very much a mixed bag. In light of the breakout success of FROZEN, with it’s quite stripped down story, BH6 seems to have gone the other way, with an almost overload of story. Whilst Hiro and Baymax are undoubtedly the stars here, there are several other threads running through the film, some of which seem to exist only to serve emotional heart-string pulling. The other members of Big Hero 6 suffer particularly in this regard, with no back story and little use in the film, but hopefully a much-wanted sequel will rectify that. But these are minor quibbles, on the whole BH6 delivers everything we expect from Disney Animated films; memorable characters, big heart and plenty of laughs. On that note, I can’t remember the last time a film made me feel so many emotions in the space of two hours. Baymax, the real star of the film, made me laugh and well up in equal measures and carries the film on his strong yet squidgy shoulders.

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A brilliant first film of 2015.


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