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If Cartoons Became Movies – Bravestarr

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Hello Consumers and welcome to my newest feature article, If Cartoons Became Movies.  Once a month we’ll be taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane, by looking back at some of my childhood cartoon favourites and casting them for modern movies.  To kick off, we’re going to take a look at the semi-popular sci-fi western, Bravestarr!

What was Bravestarr?

Created back in the 80s by Filmation (the same company that brought us He-Man), Bravestarr is a cartoon set in the 23rd century on a multi-cultural desert planet called New Texas.  For those of you that don’t remember, check out the intro below.


The titular character, Marshall Bravestarr, is a Native American and Sheriff to the town who can call upon the power of “spirit animals”, enabling him briefly to perform superhuman acts, which generally lead to him saving the day in typical 80s style. Accompanying him is Deputy Fuzz, a member of the Prairie People and usually the comedy element, and Thirty Thirty, the trusty cyborg stallion with his gun, “Sarah Jane”, that’s handy to have around when the prairie shit hits the fan. Together they fight the perpetrators of injustice in New Texas, usually Tex Hex and his gang of outlaws, all of whom work for the evil Stampede.

Bravestarr Characters

Like most 80s action cartoons, Bravstarr was primarily created to sell a line of toys. Unlike similar shows, it never really took off, lasting only a year. The reasons for that seem to point at the fact that the creators of the show missed its demographic with the Western theme, a genre that hadn’t been popular since the 70s. However, audiences age, nostalgia creeps in and as such, Bravestarr has grown a cult following since then.

But what would happen if they made a modern film adaptation? Who could they cast? Let’s take a look…

My Fantasy Cast

If I was running the show, for me, there’s only one man that could play Marshall Bravestarr; Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Without a doubt The Rock could pull off the part.  Looks wise, he was born to play the part.  But it’s more than just looks.  Dwayne Johnson has enough box-office clout to carry a franchise, he’s already been in one toy centric franchise (G.I. Joe: Retaliation), and he’s played a bad ass Sheriff before (Walking Tall).  Audiences love him because he’s a genuinely nice guy.  And he’s just so damn cool.

The Rock & Bravestarr As for the rest:

Shaman – That would have to be the number one guy to play a Native American; August Schellenberg.

Thirty Thirty – That would have to be someone that could work within the constraints of the motion capture suit.  I’m thinking it would also have to be someone current.  Maybe Kellen Lutz?

Deputy Fuzz – This one’s a no brainer; Warwick Davis.

Handlebar – This is a tough one.  It would be a long shot, but I think I would probably go for Mark Wahlberg.  I think he could pull off a 14 ton, green skinned former space pirate turned bar tender with a Brooklyn accent.

Judge J. B. McBride – I would say Eva Mendes could be a good choice.  She’s sexy and can kick ass.

Tex Hex – If he’s not too busy playing Thanos, Josh Brolin would probably be a safe bet.

The rest of Tex Hex’s gang could be taken from any casting A to Z.

Is it ever likely to happen?

Probably not.  There’s never been any real push for it like there has in He-Man, a property that seems destined for a live action re-make.  I think the world of new Texas will be pretty hard to re-create and a lot of the characters would have to be motion captured.  Bearing that in mind it could become a very costly production.  Couple that with the fact that it’s a little known cartoon and all you’re left with is a fun exercise in who to cast for fantasy.

Until next time…Keep consuming.

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