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DC’s Rumoured Film Schedule is Amazing

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This list comes from Nikki Finke, founder of Deadline Hollywood from back before it was awful, and the original story is on her eponymous website. Until full confirmation comes from Warner Brothers and DC, this is strictly rumour, but it’s a hell of a discussion point. According to Finke, this will be confirmed at SDCC, which will be from 24-27 July. The schedule is as follows;

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – May 2016
  • Shazam! – July 2016
  • Sandman – Christmas 2016
  • Justice League – May 2017
  • Wonder Woman – July 2017
  • Green Lantern/Flash team-up – Christmas 2017
  • Man of Steel 2 – May 2018

So, talking points…

That is a tight schedule.

No, really, seven films in two years? That’s a lot. I guess it explains the delay to Batman v Superman, as clearly schedules needed to be set for particularly Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot as Superman and Wonder Woman, as they’ve got a hell of a lot going on. I think it makes a lot of sense, as clearly DC have a bit of catching up to do to Marvel on the film front, and clearly their approach is going to be that the Trinity and Justice League are going to be the starting point, with other characters spinning out from that, rather than Marvel, where the solo films each build to the next Avengers, which has the unfortunate side-effect of making a number of their films feel like extended trailers for Avengers. I’m glad that DC aren’t aping the Marvel approach, and I’m really looking forward to these.


I wish they were allowed to call this Captain Marvel. Would have been so much fun. Seems like a bit of a no-brainer, this – the Shazam! concept has always been the ultimate wish-fulfillment story, and if they base it on Geoff Johns’ recent reboot of the concept, it could have some real legs. Fascinated to see which actors play the dual-role of Billy and Shazam!, the adult has to have that chiseled superhero look, but be as good as Tom Hanks at playing a kid in an adult body. This has all the makings of a real breakout hit if they do it right.


This one we’ve known about for a while, Joseph-Gordon Levitt set to direct, not much known beyond that as yet. Still, this is basically my favourite ever comic series getting up on the screen, so I’m very interested.

Green Lantern/Flash

Again, no-brainer. I want to see more team-up films that aren’t the full team, so this is right up my street. I kind of wish it was Green Lantern/Green Arrow and based on Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams’ Hard-Travelling Heroes, but ah well. This would seem to imply that it’s going to be Hal and Barry, although it could just as easily work as Kyle and Wally.


As I say, this is all rumour and conjecture at this point, and we’ll know more after SDCC. If the line-up is even half as good as this, though, it’ll be something to savour.

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