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Entourage – Review

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Vincent. E. Drama. Turtle. Ari. These are names I have followed from episode 1, through all the highs and lows of 8 seasons of TV and now into a feature-length adventure. How do the boys fare? Not well…

Ostensibly, ENTOURAGE (the movie) is about Vinnie’s first attempt at directing, dealing with the backers demanding changes and control. Alongside this we have Ari dealing with his return to work, E dealing with impending fatherhood, Turtle attempting to date Ronda Rousey and Drama just, well, being Drama. So far, so TV.

second-official-trailer-entourage-movie-02Scratch below that, and you have the idea of this as a bizarre coming of age film for the stilted titular man-children. Whilst the show rarely moved beyond its shallow appeal into deeper territory, here we have threads of Vince moving beyond being a pretty face into being an actual creative, E attempting to deal with the impact of his fatherhood and his relationship with Sloan, Turtle trying a ‘serious’ relationship with Ronda, Drama coming to terms with his rung on the Hollywood hierarchy and Ari trying (again) to be a better husband as well as the studio head he so wants to be.

But this is where the film runs into it’s first problem. Despite its clear desire to do something deeper in the world it’s built, it can’t seem to move away from its roots. The opening scene, in which the boys discuss the failure of Vinnie’s marriage takes place on a yacht filled with half-naked women gyrating for our (and their) pleasure. E’s realisation of the futility of fighting his connection with Sloan comes after two gratuitous sex scenes with two beautiful women. It can’t find it’s way without the tropes of the shallow world it inhabits, without the slow panning shots up women’s bodies, without the kid from Sixth Sense eating whipped cream off two naked girls.

entourage-movie-setSecondly, the film feels so very lightweight. Rather than sizing up from the show, in terms of stakes or locations or scale, we simply get the same content we would on a normal episode, but stretched out to cover the whole film. This decision serves the audience badly in two ways, firstly the more rambling plot of a show leaves the movie confused and lost, with no clear narrative and murky moments of conclusion. Secondly, and more importantly, it leaves it boring. My god I was bored in large stretches of this film, and I’ve watched all the show, god knows how the non-show fans in the audience found it. The need to fill the running time leads to a series of increasingly bizarre cameos (Kelsey Grammer? Liam Neeson? AndrewDice Clay??) and nonsensical scenes designed to show-horn in old characters.

All in all, a dull, overblown film that feels more like a old boys club circle-jerk than a escapist fun few hours. Do yourself a favour and just go see JURASSIC WORLD again.

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